Little Witch Academia Episode 3

Ursula is Chariot, it’s way too obvious. I wonder why she’s hiding? Sucy is still the best character.

So in this episode, Akko and her friends participate in the broom relay event even though Akko wants to win the broom relay for two reasons. One is to have her picture besides Chariot and the other is to beat Diana who is a favourite to win.

The thing about Diana is I don’t hate her. She hasn’t done anything wrong for me to make me hate her. She’s just a favourite to win because she’s good at what she does. She doesn’t show off that she’s good, she has a lot of fans and teachers who do that a lot.


Sucy was great in this episode, she tries to help Akko train for the broom relay which amuses her greatly. Sucy may have found Akko failing funny, but it was nice to see her be there for her friend. It was funny seeing Akko fail everytime as she couldn’t get her broom to make her fly.

So the broom relay comes up and Sucy gives Akko a potion that turns her broom into a pogo stick. I love how Diana mentions how uncouth Akko’s riding style is XD. The broom from the magic cafe takes Akko for a spin. It looks like she travelled all over the world on this crazy broom, through, oceans, up in the sky even through a house.


It was lovely to watch as I was taking in the sights while Akko was taken on a crazy joyride. Diana end up beating Akko and taking the trophy, she mentions to Ursula that Akko has got passion.

And she’s right, Akko passion and determination was what lead her to stay on the crazy broom. I only wished that Akko would focus on one thing this episode, she was all over the place and it was annoying.


My problem with Akko is she wants to be the best at everything and beat Diana without realising that she needs to put in some effort. She can’t expect to beat Diana without at least taking an interest being a witch. You know Akko could find some books to read, or talk to Ursula if she’s having problems, Ursula is Akko’s mentor.

It seems to me all she cares about is becoming the best witch because she believes Chariot is the best witch. I understand that Chariot is her Idol,  but everything Akko does doesn’t need to be related to Chariot for goodness sake.


Follow your own path instead of trying to be like Chariot. I hope she realises in the later episodes that one, Diana isn’t her rival, that has to be a two-way street and Diana doesn’t even acknowledge Akko as a rival as she’s pretty low down the witch power scale.

And two, you never get anywhere by cheating and that’s what Akko did in this episode. Diana seems to respect Akko which is nice to see, she isn’t as bad as Akko makes her out to be. But then again Akko is jealous of her, just because she’s a favourite in school. I like Diana and I hope she appears more as this show goes on. I hope Akko is able to learn from her mistakes in this episode.