A Lull in the Sea Episode 4

Chisaki is so annoying. Stop blaming Tsumugu and realise it’s your own insecurity that’s holding you back for goodness sake.

So in this episode, the group finds out that someone vandalized Ojoshi-sama. Hikari believes it’s the two boys that ruined Manaka’s food earlier in the episode. Hikari ends up getting in trouble and is sent home.

Manaka leaves as well even though she didn’t get in trouble. Just when I thought Hikari was making some progress, he lets his anger get to him and blames the two kids. It wasn’t very smart to lash out at those two kids.

We cut to Chisaki and Kaname cleaning Ojoshi-sama. Chisaki mentions how Manaka is beautiful, cute and tries so hard, she wants to be more honest like Manaka. Personally I think Chisaki should just be herself, she’s fine the way she is and doesn’t need to be like Manaka.

Chisaki and Kaname find out one of the grade school kids, Sayu is the one who drew on Ojoshi-sama. Chisaki tells Kaname to keep this a secret as this could paint Hikari as the bad guy in this situation.


Tsumugu come into the room and tells Chisaki and Kaname that the kid in school don’t know any better and that lying about Ojoshi-sama would just isolate everyone. Before Chisaki leaves she mentions how she thought Tsumugu  was a good person but he’s just a surface person after all.

Once again Chisaki is letting her feelings for Hikari get to her head. Her comment to Tsumugu shows that she’s no better than the surface people. I wish she would understand that Hikari doesn’t need saving, he doesn’t need her help.

Let him handle his own issues by himself that way he learns from his mistakes. Manaka is doing this as well and it’s annoying, let Hikari sort himself out.

Hikari eventually learns that it was Sayu who vandalized Ojoshi-sama, he apologizes to the two boys with Manaka’s help which wasn’t needed and all is forgiven.

Tsumugu also got involved but his help was needed as he seems to be the only surface person on the sea kids side, what he said in this episode was important and the surface kids needed to hear what he said from one of their own.


Sayu also apologizes to the sea kids since she ruined Ojoshi-sama, she mentions that she did it because she’s Miuna’s friend while Miuna herself is out of sight, listening in. I have to say it was nice to see Sayu realise her mistake and step up and apologise.

The episode ends while everyone is laughing at Hikari pinching Sayu’s nose. Only Chisaki isn’t laughing, too busy being the Debbie downer. We hear her thoughts and she says she wanted to defend Hikari as well.


So my question is this, what stopped you from defending Hikari Chisaki? Manaka? If Manaka is the issue then that isn’t an excuse. You don’t to what for the room to be quiet to stick up for Hikari. You also shouldn’t care what people think and say what you feel. Manaka is a scaredy cat, I’ve seen that and you’ve seen that too right?

The thing is with Manaka is that she is making the effort to be a better person, she wants to get involved with people and will cross any bridge to do it even though she’s a shy person. She’s very aware of her shyness but still tries to do her best regardless which is why I like her.


I’m just really tired of Chisaki blaming Tsumugu for her hesitation when it comes to Hikari. He is a good person and has always been a good person, he wouldn’t have helped out in this episode if he wasn’t a good person.

I know this is the first episode she’s done this but I’m tired of her comparing herself to Manaka, why do you have to compare yourself to her? Because Hikari likes her? That’s dumb, just be yourself, Kaname already said this but your fine the way you are.

You shouldn’t have to change for anyone, if Hikari doesn’t look at you that way then that’s fine. Someone else will. Stop trying to do everything you can to impress him. Defending him won’t make you look better in his eyes, it won’t impress him.

I hope she learns that there’s more to life than boys, if you don’t like yourself then you try to change yourself. For you, not for some boy. Everything was great in this episode except Chisaki, she needs to stop focusing on Hikari.


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