Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 3

Snow White is way too innocent. *rolls eyes* I don’t want to her to survive in this game but she will she’s the main character so that means she will have plot armour.

You know, when I watched this episode I was expecting everyone to freak out over Nemurin’s death, well I was expecting Snow White to freak out but she didn’t really which left me feeling disappointed. So Fav explains to the girls that the magical power they’ve received takes a toll on their real body and they die because of it.

The two twin angels mention that they’ll stop being a magical, Fav tells them if they quit, they die either way so that’s pointless. God, those two twins were annoying this episode, could they disappear and take Nico from Kiznaiver with them please?

The scene ends with Fav telling the girls that this is just how it is and I’m sitting here thinking, you are suspicious as hell, what does Fav get out of doing this? Maybe it’s not Fav that’s doing this but someone higher up?


So Snow White cries as she thinks of Nemurin and I feel sorry for her, kind of. She talks about how she believes Magical Girls are supposed to be pure, righteous and beautiful. As soon as she said that I stopped feeling sorry for her. Seriously, Snow White needs to look around, how many of these girls are righteous and pure? You’ve spent some time with them now, you should know what some of these girls are like.

Some of these girls look like their in it to cause destroy people’s lives or boss people about. Take Ruler for example, she treats the girls that work under her like trash. And does so just because she’s the leader she does this so much that it’s clearly had an effect on Swim Swim.


That girl follows Ruler’s every word and wants to be like her which is dangerous. I can’t fault Swim Swim because she’s a kid. How do I know this? Well Swim, Swim and Top Speed had their own information cards halfway through the episode, if you look at Swim Swim’s silhouette she looks like a kid. This explains why she follows Ruler around without talking back. I worry for that girl out of everyone else.


Did you think I cared for Snow White? Nope! If I had my way, she would be the first to go. You know, while I listened to Swim Swim talk, it made me wonder how old Ruler is, I mean she has to be old enough to understand that’s she treating her “Subjects” like rubbish right?

There was a new update in this episode for the game. Transferring candies is available now and you already know people are going to abuse this update. This update is clearly a disguise to lure out other magical girls into the open, it’s so obvious and Ruler even says that this an advantage for her and her group.  It’s obvious who Ruler and her subjects are going for, Snow White.

Next episode might be a turning point I think for the magical girls. What I mean by a turning point is, I believe the magical girls will start to turn on each other or fight each other which means some cool battles will take place.

Hopefully, Snow White will fight, I don’t think she’ll be able to rely on Souta to defend her all the time. Oh, before I forget, Did anyone else roll their eyes when Souta swore to protect Snow White? I was like, “Dude get out of here!”. “Swearing your loyalty means nothing in this world!” XD.



  1. It was about this point where I checked out of this series. I wasn’t particularly interested in whether Snow White survived or not. Still, this one is an anime I’ve got down to finish at some point when I have nothing else to watch because reading the reviews of people who watched it while it was airing, it seems like it should be entertaining enough for an afternoon’s viewing.
    Looking forward to your thoughts on future episodes.

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