Psycho Pass Episode 3

Love the intro with Kogami working out. It woke my up XD.

The Enforcers and Akane head to Hachioji Drone Factory as there has been an accident and the factory. This episode really made me focus and realise how scary the world these characters are living in is.

This episode actually made me think about real companies and how willing they are to let certain things slide. The workers in this factory’s psychological states are recorded as they are have no access to the outside world so they have to be monitored.

Akane and Enforcers come across an incident happening before their eyes, one of the workers is being bullied by the others. Akane asks the Chief if he’s going to stop them but the Chief says this is ok as the workers don’t have access to the internet, they have to let of steam somehow.


In other words he believes that what their doing is a form of Entertainment. Seriously? Bullying is not a form of Entertainment it can have serious effect on your self-esteem and mental state. I thought it was disgusting that the Chief just let it slide. Luckily Kogami got up and walked over to the guy and got him out of that situation.

So Ginzo (guy with the glasses) labels the Enforcers as the “trash of society”and belives that they are no better than the latent criminals they try to capture. Something was wrong with Ginzo this episode, normally he’s a calm guy well from what I’ve seen of him so why is he acting this way?

We don’t get to find out in this episode. The Enforcers come up with an idea which I like and Akane tells Ginzo she wants to try their idea to catch the murderer and Ginzo call her a fool for it.


And I’m like “Why is she a fool?” She is their inspector isn’t it better for her to get along with them? That would make more sense right? He thinks she’s a fool for trying to learn through experience instead of learning through history. Well history isn’t always right Ginzo.

I personally have found in interesting how she’s decided to learn through her own experience as she can correct her mistakes as she discovers what she did wrong. Through experience, we become better people. Well, maybe not everyone? But you get what I’m trying to say here right?

So I learned in this episode that Kogami is a detective when he trying to solve a case but when he finds out who did it, he becomes a hunting dog. When he finds out that the bullied colleague he helped earlier is the one who killing, he turns into a hunting dog. It was pretty cool to see him take down the guy with the dominator.


This was a great episode, I was disgusted, surprised, happy and excited all in one episode. Kogami is a cool guy, I want to see him become a hunting dog more. I love that he has two different sides to him, calm Kogami and hunting dog Kogami. Akane was ok although she didn’t do much in this episode.


It was great to see her stand up for herself when Ginzo was treating her like crap, she refused to let her push her in a corner. She also asked the right questions when it came to this mission.

I like that she doesn’t keep quiet when she doesn’t understand something, she has morals which is great. The only thing that would be great to see in this anime is if they focus on the other Enforcers as they haven’t had much screen time.


  1. If you’re wanting more of the other enforcers, they get there. It just takes awhile because Kogami is awesome and they want to make sure we all know he is awesome.
    This episode does really hammer home the social commentary, clearly looking directly at corporations and the treatment of employees. It works really well but it is Akane standing up for herself that steals the show. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode (and the picture of Kogami).

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  2. Good to know that I’ll get to know the other Enforcers. I guess I want things to happen quickly. I keep forgetting I’m only on episode 3.

    Kogami and Akane have to develop first as they seem to be the main two to focus on in this show. The image of Kogami is great. I’m glad you like it 🙂

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