Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episode 2

Reinhard is cute. He’s such a nice guy. I hope he has more screen time.Subaru finds out that he can go back in time and at first he thinks it’s cool until he realises that Satella doesn’t remember him any more. He still remembers the event at the loot house and decides that he’s going to go and get the insignia from Felt again. I admire Subaru, if I realised I could go back in time and remember all my deaths then I would not be going back to the loot house.

Someone else can get Satella’s insignia back. Subaru also remembers that Satella is not her real name and will have to discover what her real name is. The three bandits from before try to attack Subaru but a guard called Reinhart appears and the three bandits run away. Reinhart tells Subaru if he any problems he can ask him for help so Subaru asks Reinhart to deliver a message for him.


The message is for Satella but Subaru tells Reinhart he doesn’t know her name. He tells Reinhart to warn Satella (he described what she looked like) not to go to the loot house no matter what, he’ll find her insignia.

Subaru shows Felt and Old Man Rom his cellphone again but Felt calls him out asking why he wants the insignia, Subaru wants to give it back to Satella. You can really see how desperate Subaru is for the events he experienced not to happen again. It’s really sad, no one wants to end up dying to a crazy woman. Someone knocks on the door and Subaru believes it to be Elsa but it’s Satella which shocks Subaru.


This was an ok episode, we were introduced to Reinhart who looks cool, Subaru finds out about his rewind powers and Subaru accidentally makes Felt suspicious of his actions. I hope that Subaru realises that just because he’s aware of how things went down, doesn’t mean the same thing will always happen.

I mean sure you could say this episode was the same as last episode but the scenery has changed and so has the dialogue. I’m glad that the scenes aren’t exactly the same otherwise this would have been a boring episode.

It’s great that Subaru realised his rewind abilities they could have dragged that out a bit but they didn’t which was great. Subaru needs to calm down and think things through, I know he’s scared I would be too but revealing that you know what that insignia is to Felt isn’t smart, she caught on to that quick and pretty much pushed Subaru into a corner.


You don’t beg when you negotiate, you work things out fairly. If that means waiting for Elsa to arrive then that’s fine, try to find a way to beat Elsa without letting on that your on to her. She can smell the fear of you. Anyway this was an ok episode, now that Satella has arrived for some reason, I hope she and Subaru can work together to get her insignia back next episode.