Yuki Yuna is a Hero Episode 3

Tsundere girl needs to stop acting like she’s the best. She’s really stubborn and that’s annoying. 

We meet Miyoshi Karin in this episode, she is the fifth member of the hero club. She also fights the vertexes.  She’s annoying as she believes she is the best hero out of all the girls. The rest of the girls to her are soft and refuse to take being a hero seriously. I thought that when she said this she was being silly as she hasn’t looked at this situation properly.


These girls are allowed to have a normal life they don’t need to be dedicated to defeating the vertexes all the time. There has to be a balance for these girls especially as they are all so young. They need that breather and it’s in the form of the hero club.


So Karin lives by herself, she train, eats and exercises all by herself. I’m thinking that deep down she’s really lonely inside. I know I would be. The girls end up going over to her house and wishing her a happy birthday. Yuna found this out by looking at the hero club sign up sheet Karin wrote on. I thought this was a lovely scene as we got to see Karin relax and have fun sort of.


The text message scene was my favourite scene in this episode. It reminds me of when I would talk my friends and weird stuff would be said. That’s the feeling I got from that scene. This episode explored the theme of friendship which was great to see. Karin was able to open up a bit to the girls.


She’s still annoying with her outbursts but I’m glad that she’s at least willing to get to know the girls now. It’s great that she was introduced in this episode as she has a lot of experience and if she wants to she can show the other girls what she knows. It will be useful for them going forward, they can’t stay at the basic level they are now.