Attack on Titan Episode 7

This was pretty much a Mikasa episode. It was nice to see her realise that her life doesn’t have to end, she can keep moving forward if she chooses to do so.

So in this episode, Armin reveals to Mikasa that Eren is dead. Mikasa ends up motivating the rest of the soldiers to fight again as they have lost all hope. But what I noticed with Mikasa as she was flying in the air was that she wasn’t in her right state of mind.

Mikasa is a calm individual who only loses her head when it comes to Eren. Since Eren is gone, she believes she has nothing left to live for as he was her only family. It was so sad to see Mikasa to give up on life. She looked like a lost little girl, dead behind the eyes because the realisation has sunk in that the one person she saw as family is dead. 

Attack 58.PNG

Her gear stops working because she recklessly used up all her gas and she falls to the ground. We cut to Jean and he stops moving as he watches his fellow Soldiers die. He asks himself why he didn’t stop them as he listens to one of the soldiers screaming about how she doesn’t want to die.

I don’t blame Jean for not moving, the soldiers recklessly tried to save one of their own but he was already dead as soon as the titan approached him. Jean shouldn’t feel ashamed for not moving it’s natural. It’s ok to hesitate and question yourself.

Attack 55.PNG

We’re back with Mikasa and we see a Titan approach her, she’s already given up as she’s on her knees ready to die. But her body keeps moving on its own and she wonders why that is. It’s because she hears Eren in her head screaming at her to keep fighting.

She cries as she realises that if she dies, she can’t remember Eren any more, so she vows to never give up again and keep on fighting. Life is precious and I’m so glad that Mikasa realized she can’t die, to keep fighting while keeping Eren’s memory alive is the best way for her to live.

Before she said all of this another Titan appeared behind her and it was obvious from his posture that he was different. He punches the titan right in the face much to Mikasa’s shock. When the titan appeared it was awesome, the music, the animation and that amazing roar was brilliant. It was fantastic. The way this new titan was crushing the other titan while Mikasa watched was amazing.

Attack 56.PNG

That titan was clearly letting out some frustrations that no ordinary titan is able to do. Armin is able to save Mikasa and get her on to the roof. Armin, Mikasa and Connie all watch the new titan destroy a different titan. Mikasa can’t get to HQ without some gas as she used hers all up so Armin gives her his gas and tells her to use it carefully.

Armin’s words hits Mikasa and she realises her mistake in this episode. She only thought of herself and didn’t care about Armin. She was drowning in her grief so much that she left him behind. Mikasa grabs Armin’s hand and tells him she won’t leave him alone.

Loved this episode, Mikasa noticing her mistake at the end and reassuring Armin that she won’t leave him behind this time much have made Armin so happy and it made me smile.

Attack 57.PNG

Poor guy, he’s felt useless ever since Eren died, actually now that I think about it he’s always felt useless since they were kids. But he felt he could be strong because he had Eren and Mikasa by his side. Armin is a great character you may not see that now, but you’ll one day appreciate his character.