My Hero Academia Episode 5

Watching Deku go through his first day of school was great. For me, not so much for him. XD

So it’s Deku’s first day of school at U.A. He meets the two people he met in the entrance exam, Iida and Uraraka. I thought it was pretty funny how Uraraka is still calling Deku “plain looking”. Deku and the class meet their teacher, Aizawa Shouta is a hero who works in the shadows.


Aizawa believes that these kids are here only to be heroes and not make friends. Aizawa wants these kids to figure out their weaknesses now so that they can overcome it, he gets the kids to take eight physical tests. If they end up last, they will be expelled. I think this is a harsh thing to go through on the first day of school.

Deku is afraid of these tests as he is still a newbie with All Might’s power. I felt so bad for Deku when he found out he could be expelled on the first day of school, he’s still new with his quirk. He really struggled with these tests, the students are allowed to use their quirks but only if it’s needed but Deku can’t use his.


Deku has All Might’s power but he can break his bones using it, so he struggles in the tests as he can only do things a normal kid can. The kids have three years to control their quirks. Which I feel is a bit to short for these kids but maybe I’m thinking this is unfortunate for Deku as he only just got his quirk. The hurdles a shounen character has to jump over is tough.

Time will wait for no one and Deku realises this so in the last test, he uses One for All to throw a ball but puts all his power into his finger to minimize the damage. Deku was great in this episode, he was backed into a corner by Aizawa but was able to prove that he does have the potential to be a hero.


All Might so worried to Deku. He was hiding behind a corner in this episode which was funny as he was in his transformed hero state constantly smiling.


After staring at his face for a while, it no longer looked funny to me, just kind creepy as he has no eyes and is always smiling. So Bakugou never saw Deku use his quirk in the entrance exam so he still believes Deku is quirkless. He even asked Deku in a flashback what he did to get into U.A.

Um, Bakugou? You have to have a quirk to get into U.A. So why do you think Deku is still quirkless?. Bakugou isn’t dumb, he should be thinking about how Deku got a quirk, not if he cheated to get into U.A.

You know, I forget that we were introduced to other characters in this episode, they all have interesting quirks. Next episode, we’ll see what Deku gets up to on his journey to become the greatest hero.