91 Days Episode 3

Who killed Vanno? Only Avilio knows!

Before the opening theme starts, we see Nero ask Avilio to bring him Serpente’s body as proof that Avilio didn’t kill Vanno. Avilio questions Corteo  asks him if he took Serpente body’s. I’m sorry but What? I’m not sure that Corteo is capable of taking a dead body. Corteo hates the mafia so why would he take a dead body?Come on Avilio use you brain!

Corteo would want to distance himself from any mafia family so why would Avilio accuse him? I think it might have been someone from the Orco family, they would’ve followed Avilio and taken it when he went to went to pick up Nero. Avilio was gone for a while so maybe they know about Avilio and might have decided to screw him over?

So I was wrong, it wasn’t a member of the Orco family it was Cerotto. Who is Cerotto? Well he’s the guy that drove Vanno and Avilio to Fango’s hotel in the previous episode. He got curious and followed Vanno to the graveyard.

91 Days 12.PNG

He heard gunshots and then saw the two bodies. Both Corteo who has been questioning Cerotto this time and Cerotto himself believe that the two took each other out. Avilio comes out of the shadows (behind a curtain) and asks Cerotto where the body is.

I was thinking about this while I watched the scene but it looks like Nero is testing Avilio as he has Serpente’s body in the car with him. I guess he wants to find out how far Avilio will go to find the body, but I think he also wants to find out if the Orco family are behind this.

Fango meets Nero for the first time and the two have a trade. Fango will  trade Nero’s guy for Serpente and Nero will trade Serpente for his guy. While the two hostages are walking to their bosses, Fango notices that Serpente has lost a little weight and comments on this. He pulls out a gun on Serpente who is actually Avilio.

91 Days 13.PNG

Honestly I wasn’t surprised I knew Avilio would pull some kind of stunt to win over Nero. It doesn’t seem to work as Nero is still suspicious about Avilio. I’m glad that’s the case, if Avilio won him over now it would have been too easy.

Frate, Nero’s brother tells him to leave the city as it’s dangerous for him. Avilio volunteers to go with Nero because Fango remembers his face, not the best idea Avilio Nero still doesn’t trust you yet.

Nero agrees so Avilio get go on a trip with Nero. Before the scene ends, Corteo looks at Avilio and is shocked to see he had a smile on his face. It’s a smile only made more creepy because of the cigarette lighter lighting his face in the dark. The shadows on his face gives his facial expression an eerie look.

91 Days 14.PNG

 I thought the funeral scene was well done although it was short. But it kind of spoke to me. Nero asks Avilio to go back to the car without him. We then see Nero breaks down and fall to the ground. He’s heartbroken that his friend is gone. Avilio looks back at him, but he only looks angry. I’m kind torn between feeling sad for Nero and feeling like he deserved this. He killed Avilio’s family so now he understands the pain of loosing a family member.

91 Days 15.PNG

I also feel sorry for him as no one deserves to lose a family member in that way.  I think part of the reason I’m feeling sorry for Nero is because one it’s raining which is symbolism for Nero tears that we didn’t see fall down his face but also because of the beautiful music that played during the scene. It represented how Nero was feeling in that moment sad, upset and I think for me there was a hint of anger in it. It was amazing visual moment. No words were needed to explain how Nero was feeling.

So next episode will be a road trip between Nero and Avilio.