Haikyuu Episode 3

Blonde guy is annoying, I would like to slap his face. I wonder why Kitagawa hates the nickname “King” so much? When do we get to find out what happened?

Hinata and Kitagawa are training together after Hinata overheard Hinata talking about how he wants beat him. The two meet Tsukishima Kei and Yamaguchi Tadashi the two first years who will be against them in the three on three match. Yamuguchi doesn’t really say much but Tsukishima says a lot. He keeps calling Kitagawa the King as if to mock him and it works, it gets to Kageyama.

Tsukishima mentions that maybe Kitagawa doesn’t want to be called King because of something that happened at the tournament. In the flashback shown it looks like Kitagawa missed a shot. If that’s his issue I don’t think he should worry about that. People make mistakes what matters is you learn from them.

Haikyuu 15.PNG

But when I looked at Kitagawa’s face I know it wasn’t a simple mistake for him The guy was mad. I have to say I loved the moment when Hinata jumps up to catch the ball after Tsukishima mocks Kitagawa again, his face was priceless. It was great to see him lose his smug face for a second.

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So at the beginning of the episode, Kitagawa says to Hinata that he only tosses balls to who are essential to winning. He believed that Hinata wasn’t. But after watching Hinata’s training montage, I can see that Kitagawa now believes that Hinata is essential to winning. He believes in him now and finally tosses the ball to Hinata and he jumps and spikes it. What a great scene, Hinata was so happy,  his face was adorable.

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Kageyama is now formidable ally to Hinata. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw Hinata and Kaegeyama worn out on the floor on the day of the match. It’s way Hinata is sprawled on the floor is what made me laugh. All because Hinata decided to run to the gymnasium. XD Kitagawa couldn’t help but run after him.

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Brilliant episode I really enjoyed this one. Loved the moment when Kageyama realises that Hinata is essential to winning. His never give up attitude is what makes him a great character who will go far, his athletic ability is just a bonus. I almost cried for Hinata today as I was so happy he was acknowledged also his smile was beautiful. His hard work in middle school has paid off thanks to his friends in the basketball team. 🙂 I hope we see those guys again.  I’m looking forward to next episode.