Snow White with the Red Hair Episode 3

What a great episode for Shirayuki. I love her! 🙂

Lord Haruka is after Shirayuki in this episode. He believes that Prince Zen should not be allowing someone like Shirayuki into the castle. A town girl of low birth whose hair is vulgar according to him. It’s funny how this guy has judged her without even talking to her, his mind is made up about her. This guy seriously needs a reality check.

Lord Haruka and Obi an assassin I guess, work together to keep Shirayuki out of the castle. Shirayuki comes across Lord Haruka later in the episode. I think she thinks he’s the one that’s keeping her out of the castle. She invites him to come with her to meet Zen so he can see for himself that she has permission to be in this castle.


He draws his swords but doesn’t even try to cut her, he’s astonished at the fact she is defying him. It was so cool to see Shirayuki unafraid of the sword in her face and Lord Haruka it was an awesome scene. Shirayuki continues to move forward not paying attention to the sword in her face, Haruka sheathes his sword knowing he has been defeated.

SW 13

The music was so powerful in this scene, the sound of the violins as Shirayuki took a step forward was amazing to hear.  Shirayuki draws from her own strength without relying on others. Prince Zen tells Lord Haruka this and Haruka believes this himself as he just saw her strength.

So Zen comes out of the shadows and reveals that he’s been listening all along. I love what he had to say in this scene. He tells him that it’s not bad for people to value social status over everything, but Zen believes that it’s important for a Prince look at and understand different perspectives.


Great, Great episode, Shirayuki continues to impress me, she’s smart, brave and refuses to be a damsel in distress. She has a good head on her shoulders. It looks like Obi is going to be sticking around, I like him he’s kinda funny. OK so there’s only one tiny problem I had with this episode.

I think Shirayuki was to brave when she was facing Lord Haruka, I mean she had a sword pointed at her and didn’t flinch. He could have made a small cut on her nose or something. But if she was afraid I guess we wouldn’t have got the brilliant scene that we did.

The music when Obi shot Shirayuki with the arrow, it was beautiful to hear. Before the arrow hit the wall, Shirayuki had made up her mind on what path she wanted to go on. When the arrow hit the wall, she stopped in her tracks and I felt like she had hit a roadblock in her path.


It was as if the music was telling me that when the arrow hit the wall, it as if Lord Haruka himself had stopped Shirayuki from trying to continue down the path where she can be by Zen’s side. Shirayuki is walking on a path that will allow her to be on the same level as Zen in terms of power.

It was great to see a different side to Shirayuki and Zen in this episode. It’s great to see a girl who strives to get better. We need more girls like her in shoujo anime and manga.


  1. Shirayuki always pushes herself too far (something even the other characters point out to her later). Her encounter with Lord Haruka is awesome because it really shows us her character, both the positives of courage and being determined, and the negative of being way too stubborn and just a little bit too self-reliant.
    Glad you enjoyed the episode.

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