Angel Beats Episode 4

I like Hinata and Yui’s relationship. It’s pretty funny. XD

Yui is introduced in this episode. She wants to be the new lead singer of GirlDeMo. The group brushes her off but she wants them to sit and listen. I have to say, I loved this opening theme. I thought it was creative.

Yui is singing while the opening is showing the visuals but changing the colours. Loved the rock version of the theme song. Might have to find the soundtrack at some point. Yuri decides to leave the decision of lead singer to the band mates.

So Yuri decides that everyone will be participating in events. The event will be baseball for Otonashi. He teams up with Hinata and the two of them go round the school trying to find someone who team up with them.


Hinata gets his team but it’s a team full of idiots. Yuri, ninja girl, axe guy and Yuri’s fans. Hinata is really desperate for some team mates. Seriously Yuri’s fans?

So the whole point of this baseball match is to lure Tenshi out and it works. Tenshi comes out with her own team. Throughout this episode, Hinata has been having flashbacks to when he was alive.

He was on the baseball team in high school, Hinata had the ball thrown to him but he can’t remember if he caught it. He has another flashback and we hear how disappointed his team is in him. Honestly I kind of felt disgusted, one guy complains that 3 years of hard work has gone down the train. Yes it’s sad that he missed the ball but his teammates shouldn’t be treating Hinata that way.

Hinata’s senpai talks to him and give him something suspicious and tells it’s ok to try it once. Those are drugs right? I mean what else could it be? Is that how Hinata died because that’s disgusting! Just because he lost the game, his senpai give him a drug to kill himself with.

Otonashi asks Hinata if he’s going to disappear if he catched the ball. Hinata tells him he’s not but he clearly doubts his words. Hinata pitches the ball and a guy hits it. It flies in the air and Hinata is ready to catch it.

I was so nervous and so was Otonashi he doesn’t want to friend to disappear. It looked like Hinata was ready to disappear to accept his regret. My stomach dropped as Hinata is suddenly tackled by Yui. I was like “wait what”? My face was exactly like Otonashi’s. It was hilarious! XD.


Yui tackled him because he was wide open. He put her in too many holds. Of all the things to tackle him about! Oh, Yui your too funny. Hinata refuses to forgive Yui for this. Love how the two of them hate each other. Funny episode.

I love the bromance between Hinata and Otonashi. I’m so glad that Hinata didn’t disappear. The transition to the ending theme was beautiful. It gave me the feeling that everything is ok because Hinata didn’t disappear. Hinata and Yui in the ending image. Those two are made for each other XD.



  1. I love Yui. The first time through this anime, I thought she was a little bit annoying but I definitely came to love her as a character and after watching this series a number of times she’s one of the characters I really look forward to seeing. Thanks for sharing.

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