Anohana Episode 6

Poor Menma’s mum. She can’t let go of Menma. And that’s ok, I do hope she realises at some point that it’s fine to move on without Menma in her life. Menma will stay in her memories.

So Jintan goes to school in this episode but no one notices him, much to his annoyance. His classmates are too busy talking about Anjou. A lot of them believe that she went to that hotel with that man we saw the last episode.

Jintan stand up for Anjou by telling everyone to focus on him, I thought he was brave to stand up in front of class like that and shout. Anjou end up dragging him out of the classroom as he goes of on a tangent about what she likes to do, he mentions her love of collecting stuff. I had a sever case of second hand embarassement in this scene. I even skipped the scene because I was so embarassed. I went back it later XD.

Anohana 29.PNG

Anjou is grateful to Jintan, she decided not to go home as the school has probably contacted her mum. I was so happy that Jintan stood up for Anjou, it took a lot of guts to stand up especially since Jintan runs away from his issues.

She decides to stay at the clubhouse. Bad idea Anjou, Poppo lives there and he has a lot of dirty magazines. (gross) I’m surprised she decided to move things, I would not be touching any of those tissues. Poppo suddenly decides that they will go to Menma’s house, he thinks they can figure out what her wish is if they go. What do I feel like this is a bad idea?

So it turns out nothing really happened, so I was worried for nothing. Menma’s mum gave Poppo Menma’s diary. The flashback scene is really sad, Menma’s mum packed Menma’s possessions away because her dad said they can’t live in the past. Mother’s value their children a lot. As Anjou thinks about this she decides to go home as she’s worried and misses her parents ,she doesn’t say this but she didn’t need to.

I picked it up while I was watching. Poppo wants to read the diary but Jintan makes up an excuse and leaves. When Poppo said “Just me left”? it made me sad as he sounded so confused and lonely. Poor guy, he looked so happy with Jintan and Anaru it was like he found something to do in his life again.

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The music that played during this scene made me want to cry, hearing the soft key of the piano was lovely to listen to.  It felt like the music was telling me that the happy days of these kids had in their childhood has been over for a long time, they can’t get back to it no matter how hard they try.

While at home, Jintan tells Menma he went to see her mum and she is not happy about that. She wants her mum to forget her, to not cry anymore. Jintan shouts at Menma that she always put other above herself. Laughing and acting happy when she’s hurting inside. He ends up getting a nosebleed which came out of nowhere and leaves the house.

Anaru is at the clubhouse which surprises Jintan because he thought she went home. He comments on her choice of outfit, the nosebleed he had before comes back and Anjou throws all sorts of stuff at him because she believes he’s a pervert lusting over her.

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Funnily enough because of her reaction, Jintan comments about how she’s still a virgin and she throws a can of peaches at him which knocks him out. Why Jintan? What made you decided to make a comment about her virginity? XD.

That’s not something you comment on. Anjou’ reaction is pretty much my reaction and maybe it’s how some other girls would react if they were in Anjou’s place. I wouldn’t throw a can of peaches though. I have to say, Anjou is my favourite character in this anime. I relate to her trouble in fitting in.

The episode ends there. Loved this episode, Jintan, Poppo, Anjou and Menma were all great in this episode. I felt sorry for Tsurumi when those girls asked her to give Yukiatsu a love letter. She’s doesn’t have to give it to him if she doesn’t want to.

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Those girls are awful jumping to the conclusion that Tsurumi is in love with Yukiatsu. She might be, but that’s none of their business. Jealously is ugly guys. School kids are always jealous in anime or they are spreading rumours. They should focus on themselves, rather than other people’s lives.