Charlotte Episode 4

Yusa’s magic spell thing is stupid… Am I supposed to think it’s cute? It’s not, it’s just weird.

A new ability has been revealed and the student council head to the school the kid’s at. They challenge him to a baseball match. If they win he doesn’t use his ability again. If he wins they don’t bother him again. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really care about this kid. He’s just a kid that the student council have to convince, the ability of the week. This episode was pretty much the same as the past two episodes.

Everything is resolved in the end and that’s it, the kids either join the school or they never use the ability again. I have to say, I love Misa a lot more than Yusa in this episode. It might be because Misa did help out in this baseball match, whereas Yusa spent time doing her dumb magic spell ritual to calm down the kid with the ability who was worked up for some reason. The way Yusa refers to herself in third person is so annoying.

Charlotte 13.PNG

I don’t like how this whole episode was just convincing a kid not use his ability by playing baseball. What purpose did this episode have? Did it move the plot? No. I mean I guess you can argue that this show doesn’t really have a plot? The only scene I found funny in this episode was when Takajo (glasses guy) decided to use his ability to get to first base.

The flaws in his ability is what made the scene great. You know how he hurts himself when he uses his ability right? Well he hurt himself so much that they had to blur his face. You couldn’t see much but there was a lot of blood. I was wrong about Takajo, we may not know much about him but he is a funny character. XD

Charlotte 15.PNG

I found myself comparing this episode to the Angel Beats episode I reviewed yesterday. That episode focused on baseball too but did it better I feel. There was more at stake in that match compared to this episode. The characters are more interesting in that show. I’m hoping next episode we can focus on other things like I don’t know maybe developing our main character?