Clannad Episode 5

You know, sometimes I wonder if I should have reviewed this show as a whole.

So the situation with the drama club takes a backseat in this episode. The focus on Fuuko which reminds of the reason why I didn’t like this first season of Clannad. If I say anything it will be spoilers so I’ll just leave it and get into this review. Nagisa and Okazaki decide to help Fuuko with her sister’s wedding. Nagisa’s parents decide take Fuuko in and spend some time carving stars for Fuuko to hand out at school.

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It was nice to see Nagisa’s family again especially the dad. I remember he was always funny. I thought it was hilarious when Okazaki decided to play a practical joke of Fuuko again when she spaced out again.I cracked up seeing Fuuko so confused and freaking out. I’m surprised that Ryou went along with the idea as she’s a shy person. Sorry but how dumb is Fuuko to believe this? She even goes on to say that she surprised “its” fallen of since Okazaki (Ryou) turned into a girl.

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When he appears again after Fuuko closed her eyes for some reason, her frist comment at seeing him again is “it reattached”?. Wow Fuuko, just wow. It was a funny scene just because of the way Okazaki was laughing while hiding. It was great to see him happy. Other than the Fuuko freaking out scene, everything else was boring. I wish things would speed up.

There was lovely scene at the end where Fuuko get to attend her first class, Sanae is the teacher and Okazaki and his friends are her classmates. Fuuko has never been able to go to classes so Okazaki decide he and his friends will make up a class for her.

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This scene showed the friendship between everyone. They welcomed Fuuko into their group with open arms. She’s will never be alone again because now she has friends. Lovely scene. I hope next episode will focus on other characters.


  1. Oh, the stars thing. I remember really crying hard at this. I was so young back then, but Clannad really knows how to tear me up. I don’t remember much about the series though. That reattached thing sounds really funny.

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  2. Afterstory is where I cried the most. Clannad is just the set up for it. I think the second half of this show is where I started to take an interest in this show. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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  3. I haven’t seen the second season. I saw the OVA, and it was not as good so I just didn’t try the follow up shows. I will watch it soon though. 🙂

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