Danganronpa The Animation Episode 4

I would like to see Celestia get angry again. She called one of the students porky because he didn’t bring her royal milk tea! XD

So Monokuma is really bored in this episode. No one has killed anyone and he finds that it bugs him. He decides to give everyone a piece of paper that contains one embarrassing secret they don’t want anyone to find out. Naegi says that his secret is embarrassing but he wouldn’t kill someone over it. I agree, Naegi’s secret is harmless but just because he has no problem with his secret getting out, doesn’t mean it’s the same for the other students. The question here is how far would you go to keep a secret?


I was hoping that we would get to find out what the other students secrets were but we don’t. The next day someone has been killed. I was sad when I saw who it was. She didn’t deserve to die. It’s kind of annoying that Togami thinks all of this a game to him, he even told his fellow classmates that it would be boring if his opponents weren’t making an effort to win this “game”. Some investigations are done and Togami comes to the conclusion that Genocider Syo is involved.

Togami has been in the library most of the day in this episode. He shows Naegi a book that described Genocide Syo’s crimes. The way the victim was crucified is the exact way that the person in the book was crucified. According to Togami he believes Genocide Syo has dissociative disorder. Togami definitely came off as suspicious in this episode. Fukawa talks to Togami and mentions Genocider Syo.


Here’s the thing, I believe both Togami and Fukawa are connected to this case. I think Togami knows way to much about Genocider Syo, it’s strange. He even lead Naegi to where the victim died. Does anyone find that suspicious at all? Togami shouldn’t even know if anyone is there, he didn’t even hesitate to open the girl’s locker room.


Does anyone know why Naegi is in the ending with the dead characters? That doesn’t make any sense as he is alive.

What did you think of this episode?