Joker Game Episode 4

I’m know that the spies in this show have their own stories to tell. I’m ok with stand-alone stories as long as they’re good.

One of the spies from the D-agency wasn’t the focus in this episode instead we followed Sgt Honma a character who reminded me of Sakuma. I noticed that this he didn’t do much in this episode. This guy is on a case to solve an accident but can’t figure out where to start. He eventually gets some leads and walks around Shanghai. He’s only able to get a lead thanks to the spy from the D-agency.


I don’t know who he is or what his name is so I’ll refer to him as the spy from the D-agency. In the end, Sgt Honma was able to figure out who it was. The very guy who sent him on this mission. Honestly that wasn’t surprising at all. I just hoped that this episode wouldn’t go that route as we’ve already seen this with Sakuma in the first two episodes.

I thought the Captain reveal was lame until we got to hear his story. It was surprising to hear how his job made him go insane and you can clearly see the effect it’s had on him in his facial expressions once he’s found out.


Can I just talk about how I felt that this episode was weaker than episode 3? Episode 3 for me was confusing but it had some interesting elements that kept me watching. In this episode, I can’t say that their was really anything to take note of.

Actually there was one thing that bothered me and that was why is the spy helping Sgt Honma? That was the only issue in this episode that made me wonder why he held his hand. 

I was hoping I would be able to figure it out in the end but I didn’t. You’re probably wondering if I’m going to keep watching Joker Game I will because I’m still interested in this show despite my issue with this episode.