Attack on Titan Episode 8

Armin stepped up in this episode. (Spoilers)

This episode begins where we last left off, Armin wants Mikasa to leave him behind and she refuses. He is afraid he’ll get more of his friends killed if he goes with them. But he ends up stepping up as two of his plans in this episode are successful. Armin wants to lead the angry titan to headquarters as it can take out the titans for them. After some hesitation from Connie, they head off to lead the angry titan. Meanwhile with Jean he steps up as he leads the other Cadets to headquarters. He successfully gets most of the cadets to headquarters. Jean is disgusted with himself because he allowed his comrades to get eaten so that he and the others could live. 

Attack 60.PNG

Mikasa, Connie and Armin arrive and Connie thanks Armin for his great plan. There are seven titans in the supply room blocking the cadets chance to get gas for their gear. Armin comes up with a plan. Some Cadets with guns will be lowered into a chamber, they will shoot the seven titans, blinding them. Seven strong cadets will strike from the ceiling to hit the nape of titans neck killing them. I have to say this was a great plan but it’s also dangerous but everyone knows this it’s the only chance they have to get to the supply room and they take it.

This scene was intense as there is no sound except for the titans feet and the sound of the guns. Everyone has to wait to strike and it’s scary how they all hold their breath as they wait for the titans to get closer. I was holding my breath during that scene. The music kicks in as soon as the Cadets fire and it’s a beautiful track, it gets you pumped up as you watch Mikasa and the others fight it out. The plan is a success the only problem they had was the scene where Sasha and Connie mess up. A happy scene is what I wanted to see in this show and I got it. It may be short but the Cadets won against the titans for now.

Attack 62

We cut to Mikasa and Armin and other Cadets on the roof with the other Cadets. The angry titan is killing the other titans still. Well, more like destroying them. He even takes out the titan that killed Thomas. The angry titan burns itself out-and Eren emerges from the neck of the titan. No seriously, Eren is the angry titan that has been rampaging and killing them.

I’m not going to lie it was obvious, the hair, the green eyes, who else gets angry like that? Only Eren does. It was a beautiful and heartwarming scene as Mikasa desperately runs to him and holds him. The person she lives for that she though was dead is alive and she can’t believe it. All sorts of thoughts must be running through her head as she runs, the one main thought must be that he’s alive. As she is still in denial she listens to his heartbeat and cries when she hears it. I held back my tears as I watched the scene as I wanted to watch this moment without having to turn my head away, it was that great for me.

Attack 61.PNG

I loved this episode, Armin using his brains to come up with two plans with both being a success was brilliant. It was amazing how he racked his brains to come up with a plan is such as short time. Mikasa was great too, I loved that she stopped Armin from doubting himself it showed that she’s a great friend. Jean leading everyone to the headquarters was a cool scene, he showed that he could be a great leader. One thing he needs to learn is that there will be deaths if he ends up leading people again.

That’s the type of reality there living in. The animation was on point in this episode, Mikasa’s face as she listened to Eren’s heartbeat as she broke down was beautiful. I also loved the background fading to white as Mikasa ran to Eren. The animators at Wit Studio really know how to animate a character’s facial expression to the point where even you end up feeling happy or sad depending on the situation. Loved the ending scene especially after this episode, with the singing and visuals it really expresses how much Eren means to Mikasa. It will be interesting to see how Eren reacts to the situation with the cadets next episode.