My Hero Academia Episode 6

Another great episode for Deku. (Spoilers)

So in this episode Bakugou finds out that Deku has a quirk. His reaction was exactly as I expected. Angry as hell. He tries to approach Deku I guess to take him out but Aizawa sensei stops him. After the fitness tests, Aizawa reveals the results and Deku has come last. He’s disappointed in himself but Aizawa reveals the expulsion was all a lie and it was just to draw out their quirks to their highest potential.


Aizwawa might just be an interesting teacher. Outside school Uraraka introduces herself, she believes that Deku got his name because of Bakugou. She tells Deku that his name sound like the Japanese word for “I can do it”!. Deku immediately tells her his name is Deku which was hilarious because of how quickly he said it.


All Might is in charge of Hero Basic Training and tells the kids to get into their costumes before they begin the lesson. Deku is worried about his costume as he doesn’t have one but it turns out his mum bought him one three weeks before the entrance exam. She saw the costume he drew in his notebook and bought it.

She reveals that what she said to Deku years ago still bothered her but from now on she’ll be cheering her on. This was a lovely scene it revealed that Deku’s mum has always been worrying and thinking about Deku being quirkless. What a lovely and caring mum. That’s nice to see in this anime, a supportive parents since parents are rarely in anime. Hope she shows up more. She doesn’t have to worry anymore as Deku wears it with  pride and thinks about how her costume has he feelings in it.


All Might explains that the kids are going to be heroes and villains in this battle. The heroes have to capture the nuclear weapon hidden in the building, they win the battle by either capturing the villains or get the nuclear weapon, for the villains it’s the same but they have to protect the nuclear weapon.

The kids get into teams of two and Deku is paired with Uraraka while Bakugou is paired with Iida. They two go against each other with Bakugou leading with a surprise attack on Deku, he misses. Bakugou tried to take out Deku again but Deku surprises everyone and flips Bakugou over, his notes he’s written over the years helped him.

What Deku says to Bakugou next is great. My “Deku” isn’t always going to mean “useless!” My “Deku means””You can do it!” This is a callback to the early part of this episode when Uraraka said the exact same words to Deku. Loved that he said this.


The My Hero Academia Main Theme, You Say Run that played when he said those words expresses how powerful his words were to not only himself but to Uraraka and Bakugou also. Deku put Bakugou in his place and I loved it, it shows how Deku grows little by little.

This episode showed how jealous and annoyed Bakugou is at Deku. You see, Bakugou was always ahead of Deku in terms of his quirk and he wanted him to keep admiring him up close but not to the point where he ends up walking ahead of him. And that’s what Deku is doing and both he and Bakugou realise this and that’s why Bakugou is angry at Deku. That’s the way I see it anyway. Deku’s words, actions and movements in this episode was brilliant.

We got to see some other characters in this episode, the grape kid seems to be a little perverted which is kind of funny to see because I wasn’t expecting it especially the scene between Deku and Uraraka, the guy just popped up out of nowhere. Iida seem different from when we first saw him, he seemed to judgemental but now he has a buy the book attitude.

He’s also nicer to Deku which is great to see, it seems Deku impressed him once again last episode. I can’t wait to see the fight between Deku and Bakugou continue, maybe we’ll get to see more of Bakugou’s thoughts on Deku and his sudden quirk. I want to see Uraraka do something, I like her quirk and her personality. Deku was able to push his fear down and stand up to Bakugou thanks to what she said to him.