91 Days Episode 4


It’s day 4 and we’re on a road trip with Avilio and Nero. Will they become bro’s at the end? Probably not. (Spoilers)

Avilio and Nero decide to camp at an Auto camp, good idea staying at a hotel will bring unwanted attention. They come across a fair with children playing about. One thing I noticed was the way that Avilio was looking at two children playing, one of them looked like his younger brother. He was clearly seeing himself in the older one. I like this moment, although small it said a lot, no words were spoken but through Avilio’s eyes we can see he’s missing his family. Nice moment.

91 Days 17.PNG

So Nero decides to show off to the kids his ball juggling skills.  He juggles them and manages to impress the kids. I’m surprised he didn’t drop them as I expected him too,just to make the kids laugh. I liked this scene, the music was great, it reminded me of circus music which I liked but it also sounded like Nero was going to do something stupid.

Loved the sound of the horn, I was moving my head from side to side while it was blaring. Avilio joined after a kid asks him if he does anything funny and ends up humiliating Nero by stealing his wallet and removing his belt buckle. In a way it felt like Avilio was getting some revenge. We even got a smile from Avilio at the end because of the kids.

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I probably just saw a rare moment from Avilio that we might not get again which is ok as I can now see that the guy isn’t completely devoid of emotions as I thought he was before. This scene also reminded me that even though Nero was brought up in a bad environment, he still has a good side, it was great to be reminded of that again.

So Avilio and Nero talk at the campsite. Nero mentions his first job was with the Lagusa family, Avilio’s family. The look on Avilio’s face was terrifying the light of the fire illuminated his face and this showed how angry his face looked. Nero reveals there were four of them that night including Nero which angers Avilio even more. Avilio asks if Nero killed his father and we get a beautiful shot of Avilio’s eye and the fire reflecting in his eye made me believe that his heart was burning as well  which made the shot even more mesmerizing in my eyes.

91 Days 22.PNG

As Nero sleeps, Avilio looked at the letter he got from the friend of his father. At first I wondered why he was angry but then it’s revealed that one more person that Avilio doesn’t know was involved in his family’s murder.

So the guy that has been hired by Orca to kill Nero has been following Nero and Avilio throughout this episode. He chases them to a barn (Nero and Avilio planned to lead his there) and crashed through a window. I’m sure that you, me and Nero and Avilio was expecting to see Goliath (Nero calls him that) burst through the barn door as we slowly zoom on it but he didn’t and I liked the sudden pan up to the window as Goliath crashes in.

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The music is the scene was great as it was kind of horror like and mysterious at the same time, the music stopping as soon as Goliath comes through the window was great. Nero and Avilio help each other out in this episode and Nero saves Avilio by dealing the killing blow. But Goliath is not dead and as Nero and Avilio walk out of the barn, Goliath appears out of nowhere but is killed by the owner of the farm with a shot-gun. Those two are lucky as one of them would have died if he had not been there. Nero once again show his kind side by asking the owner to give the dog a good home. That was sweet of him.

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This episode ends with Nero trying the fruit that Avilio bought earlier and commenting about how it’s sweet. I found this funny as before Nero told Avilio how the fruit he bought was useless but now he’s changed his mind by eating it. This scene told me not to judge things so suddenly, I mean I already knew that but it was nice to be reminded.The Jazz music was great too, I bobbed my head a lot in this episode, the music was just so good XD.

Great episode, we learnt something useful, someone else was there that night he probably killed Avilio’s dad. I loved the voice acting in this episode as well. Kondo Takashi (voice of Laytis Hibiki from Fairy Tail) and Eguchi Takuya (voice of Matsunaga Tomoya from Nijiiro Days) both lend their voices in this show. I love Kondo’s voice as he delivers his lines, he gives Avilio a bored but sometimes serious voice.

Whereas Eguchi’s voice gives Nero a laid back voice and a joking voice. They may not have had amazing lines in this episode but you have to agree the delivery and the emotions you feel due to their voices was great. Nero and Avilio may not be bro’s at the end but they might get there in this show which is bad for both Nero and Avilio as they’ll both get attached.

Funniest scene in this episode was this.

91 Days 21.PNG

Just brilliant it made me jump as I wasn’t expecting it. The bar music that played felt like this was a cowboy film all of a sudden. Great episode, I look forward to the next. 🙂

Note: If your reading this, great you reached the end of my review! I hope this wasn’t too long for you. Hopefully the images are ok, I used quite a bit. I had a lot to say in this episode as you can see 🙂