Haikyuu Episode 4

Flashback time in this episode. I didn’t hate it because it served it’s purpose. To get to know Kageyama.

So we get Kageyama’s past in this episode. We get to see why Kageyama was called the king. It turns out he is very self-centred and this frustrated his teammates to the point where they decided they had enough. I loved this scene the way it showed the divide between Kageyama and his teammates through the use of a hole in the ground was great. Kageyama’s self-centred attitude is what caused him to lose that match and his teammates.

Haikyuu 17.PNG

He learns throughout this episode to trust in Hinata and pass the ball to him so he can spike it. When he tosses the ball, Hinata is already in the air waiting for him. “I’m here!” Hinata screams as he is about to hit the ball. I’m happy that Kageyama passed to Hinata after Hinata called out to him, he’s slowly starting to trust Hinata.

At one point in this episode, Kageyama is able to analyse where he can hit the ball so that Hinata can spike it, it’s all thanks to Suga who advises Kageyama. He tosses the ball and Hinata spikes it with so much force.

The sound when the ball hit was beautiful as there was no music to accompany Hinata’s spike. It was amazing, everyone’s faces was great. What was the most surprising thing was that Hinata had his eyes closed.

Haikyuu 18.PNG

When asked why he closed his eyes, Hinata tells Kageyama that he told him not to watch the ball. *facepalms*  Oh Hinata never change XD.

Earlier in the episode Kageyama told Hinata if he can’t spike the ball avoid it. And he does in the last scene it was amazing as it was so sudden even Tsukishima was surprised. The way the camera followed Hinata as he ran was beautiful, you could really feel his speed as he ran.

I also loved the way the camera followed Tsukishima and his friend as they watch Hinata run, great camera work. Production I.G should be proud as the animators captured the shock that I was feeling through their faces perfectly.

The tall wall of hands loom in front of Hinata but he’s able to overcome it as he wants to see what’s beyond the hands. He opens his eyes as the ball passes by Tsukishima’s hands and hits the floor. They win. Hinata and Kageyama win and I’m happy or them.

Haikyuu 19.PNG

This is episode was a brilliant mix of comedy, drama and tension all wrapped in a bundle. The happiness I felt when Hinata spike the ball the first time and the last time was amazing. It felt like I was there with him.

Tsukishima was constantly teasing and annoying in this episode but I still liked him as he had some very good points about both Hinata and Kageyama. The piano and violin in this episode was a beautiful mix, the two instruments were just as great when they were separate. Ayumi Muruse (Hinata) and Kaito Ishikawa (Kageyama)  were both great in this episode. They both bring the characters to life through their voice acting.

Haikyuu 20.PNG

Muruse’s childlike voice he gives Hinata is perfect as Hinata is naive but has a never give up attitude. Ishikawa gives Kageyama a smooth and annoyed voice that fits his attitude. It would be nice to see Suga involved more as I liked what he said in this episode. He’s the reason Kageyama was able to get his confidence back. He’s a nice character and I would like to see him get more screen time.