Re:Creators Episode 4

This episode made me like Meteora.  I will be calling Celestia, Selesia from now on. Where I watch the anime has had her as Celestia and has now changed to Selesia. Just wanted to let you guys know. 🙂 (Spoilers)

Meteora finds out in the episode that her creator has died. She ends up buying her game and playing it all night long. The game was fun for her and showed how much her creator cared about the world and characters. Meteora based her decision on saving this world on her creator, depending if he was good or bad. Even though the game is entertainment, she still chooses to believe in him. The game influenced her as she wants to save the world she’s in just like how she tried to save her world in the game.


The world is collapsing because it can’t handle the characters from games existing, it’s going to become a problem according to Meteora. I liked this scene, the soft piano playing when Meteora talks about her creator was lovely to listen to. It expressed to me how much the game and her creator influenced Meteora. The other characters listening intently as Meteora talked was nice and Selesia welcoming Metorea back as if she just got home was lovely.

I knew what Selesia meant when she welcome her back, Meteora has always seemed disconnected to me as in all she cared about was food really, she looked like she didn’t want to be in this world. She should smile more often, it’s a lovely smile.

Alicetaria is the name of the blonde knight woman who saved pinky before (forgot her name). She stands in front of the Military Uniform Princess and blames her creator (he’s tied up) telling him that he ruined her world, made it hellish just for entertainment. You know, I was wondering when this would happen when a character would blame their creator for creating their world.


I found out that Yoko Hikasa is the voice of Alicetaria. I thought her voice was familiar to me and I was right as she voiced Kirigiri from Danganronpa the Animation and Rias Gremory from High School DxD. It’s great to hear her again, I’m glad I looked this up.

I have to say I enjoyed it because to me it showed that not all of the characters are going to accept their creator. We have to look at this through the character’s eyes, they’re in a strange world and find out they are created for entertainment, this is something that they have to get used to but it doesn’t mean they have to like it or even 100% accept it.

It was nice to see Alicetaria lash out. She’s a character who wants to do whatever it takes to save her world. I like that this show has decided to show other characters refusing to accept their creators it makes for great conflict with the main cast.

At the end of the episode Matsubara, Selesia’s creator talks to another animator from a different studio and he reveals that another character has appeared, the boy with blue hair from the opening has arrived (Rui Kanoya) and I wonder if he ends up causing trouble for the main cast and Military Uniform Princess. I feel like the innocent looking characters are normally the ones who cause the most trouble. He doesn’t do anything in this episode but I wonder if he decides to choose a side or fight both.


Just wishful thinking here as I think he might join the main cast. I just want to see more action next episode, the dialogue was ok in this episode as we got to hear Meteora’s thoughts and feel Alicetaria’s anger and a hint of desperation in her voice and dialogue. Good episode. Hopefully next episode has some action that’s longer than 10 minutes.