Snow White with the Red Hair Episode 4

Shirayuki takes her court herbalist apprentice exam. The flute was a lovely instrument in this episode.

Shirayuki takes her exam and realises that the water in the aqueducts are full of poison thanks to someone mixing up two flowers, one of them was planted the wrong way. Shirayuki decides to replace all the flowers to get rid of the poison with Zen’s help they work all night to get it done.

The chief who runs the exam ends up passing Shirayuki. She passes the exam because she was able to spot the difference between the flowers Yuri and Akegi. Shirayuki went beyond recording the problems with the plant as she replanted the whole garden. She did well, it’s nice to see a girl in a romance anime using her brain. It turns out Ryu, the boy Shirayuki met earlier in the episode is the one who came up with the exam and is now Shirayuki’s supervisor.


One of the guards who is ill is relieved that Ryu won’t treat him because according to him Ryu looks for test subjects for his work. He is a problem and the guard makes it clear what he means with his words and actions, this angers Shirayuki. This scene wasn’t surprising to me as it’s been shown time and time again how caring Shirayuki is. She might have also been comparing Ryu’s situation to hers which makes the scene all the more powerful to me. Her words, her actions in that scene expressed that to me.


The chief gives Shirayuki Zen’s medical records and as she reads it she cries. Zen suffered so much back then, the music that played as she read the records was so sad, that beautiful sounding violin expressed how I felt in that scene. Ryu sees Shirayuki cry and tells Zen who talks to Shirayuki who doesn’t say anything important to me I focused on the hug which to me screamed to me that it’s now Zen’s turn to support Shirayuki. The scene was breathtaking, the music the light spilling into the room and the animation was amazing. Nice work Bones you guys have beautiful animation. 🙂


Shirayuki’s face before Zen hugs her was pretty, that slow pause from Zen before he hugs Shirayuki was nice. I’m glad that not many words were spoken between them, the scene spoke for itself.

Beautiful and Heartwarming episode. Normally I wouldn’t say this, but these characters to me are perfect, I believe that there is no such thing as a perfect anime or characters but this episode convinced me maybe perfect characters exist. Ryu is a cute kid who I hope will one day become less reserved as he interacts with everyone. Shirayuki and Zen are a perfect balance.


The two are able to lean on each other for support already and they’re not even together yet. Speaking of which, when do they get together? I shouldn’t really ask for that, it’s best for the two to get to know each other more.

Too many Shoujo couples get together to quickly in my opinion, or they get together and the girl becomes a pain already being all indecisive and stuff and the guy well he looks like a prince so he has no faults right?. Anyway back to my opinions, great episode, I need some conflict now so I have something negative to finally say XD.

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