Angel Beats Episode 5

This episode was hilarious! Great voice acting from everyone in this episode. (Spoilers as usual)

So I’ve noticed the further into this show I get, the better the episodes become. In this episode the operation is to make Tenshi fail her tests as it’s exam period. Takamatsu, Hinata, Ooyama, Takeyama (the guy who constantly asks to be called Christ) and Otonashi of course. Yuri asks Hinata to distract the class so that Takeyama who sits in front of Tenshi (Tachibana Kanade is her real name) can swap it with her fake answers.

Hinata’s distraction fails as expected but it ends with a funny result as Yuri placed a rocket engine under chair in case he messed up. What made this scene funny was that they decided to use the ending theme of angel beats (Brave song is the name) as background music as Hinata slowly crashes into the ceiling when the scene is replayed.

Takamatsu is up next and what he does surprises me. He decides to distract the class by taking of his skirt and shouting “I only look skinny when I’m clothed!” He fails and ends up on the ceiling.


Takamatsu is ripped surprisingly as he does look so skinny with his clothes on,  for some reason the guy decided to leave his shirt of for the rest of the episode. The soft piano that played when Takamatsu made his revelation was lovely and funny as it cut off as soon as the camera shot to the class.

Ooyama is next. He has to confess to Tenshi which worries him greatly. Yumiko Kobayashi voices Ooyama and she is great. You can really feel the desperation and horror in Ooyama’s voice as he reveals how much damage this confession will have on his heart. Kobayashi expressed so much emotion in that scene that I felt sorry for Ooyama because of what he has to do. He hilariously fails too and at this point you know what’s coming. The rocket engine. But it’s Hinata who takes the blow and not Ooyama as I expected but I don’t mind as it made me laugh out loud. Hinata was in the middle of talking as he spins toward the ceiling.


Poor Hinata and Ooyama they didn’t deserve that. And as Ooyama cries and Hinata shouts at Yuri I’m left thinking “Who’s next?”  But that’s it. Tenshi steps down as student council president, Yuri who isn’t convinced that Yuri will leave them alone so she holds a concert and as I watch GirlDeMo with Yui as the lead singer, I’m left impressed at the bright and colourful colours lighting up the band.

If you watch that scene the camera is shaking a little bit and that to me represented how loud the band was playing, but it also made me realise the shaking also represented the crowd who are jumping and clapping, the atmosphere looks amazing in that place. I also loved the way the camera slowly panned around the band as the lights shine all around them. it was stunning to look at.



Tenshi arrives but doesn’t attack, it turns out she just went to buy Szechuan Tofu, her favourite food to drown her sorrows in according to Otonashi, remember she has lost her position as the student council president so it’s pretty sad in Otonashi’s eyes. Otonoashi’s thoughts towards Tenshi was interesting, he realised he ruins a girl’s life and for what? For the chance to be free from her?


He barely knows her and he ends up swept up in the craziness that is Yuri and her team, he clearly sees this and feels bad. Otonashi clearly felt sorry for her as he thought about Tenshi eating food alone. He wants to make this situation right. So what does he decide to do? Ask everyone if Tenshi could be an ally much to everyone’s shock.

This episode made me laugh a lot. The comedy in the early half of the episode was brilliant. The best moment for me was Hinata hitting his head twice thanks to Yuri’s rocket. The second time he hit the ceiling was a moment I didn’t expect and I loved the scene for it. The gags and gimmicks didn’t feel forced at all and that’s what made it stick for me. I’m not a fan of forced comedy as it feels the show is trying to hard.

This episode was very self-aware and it showed as the animators at P.A works captured the facial expressions of the characters perfectly because without that, the comedy in the first half wouldn’t have been as funny to me as it was. Dong GI Heo and Kawazara Kousuke  wrote the screenplay for this episode. They directed the screenplay well, as the characters movements and dialogue was expressed beautifully through the different scenes. Yoshimichi Hirai was the director of this episode. He also worked on the storyboard for Angel Beats episode 2. You can check out other anime he’s worked on down in the credit section below.

His direction was great as well. He directed three episodes in this show, episode 2, 5 and 12, I’m interested to see how he directed episode 12. I’ll definitely take a look back at episode 2 just to see how his direction went with that episode.

Another thing to take note of is that the ending visual has changed again with Takamatsu with his shirt of and Takeyama (Christ) who has been added in again. Takamatsu looks so out-of-place in the visual but it’s perfect as your able to recognise him easily as he is stands out the most in the ending song.


Anyway I’m looking forward to next episode as things get intense as it looks like Otonashi and co are going to fight against Tenshi according to the preview.

Credit for the links:

Kobayashi Yumiko

Heo Gi Dong

Kawazara Kousuke

Yoshimichi Hirai