Anohana Episode 7

This episode was pretty dull.

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So the kids decide to make some fireworks as they believe that it’s Menma’s wish. This episode bothered me a bit as we didn’t have much progress story wise, that was replaced by some development for Jintan which I liked. This episode highlighted how much Jintan has changed in the last few episodes. He went from being a kid who stays at home all day, everyday to someone who now wants to work as hard as he can so that Menma’s wish comes true. Other people’s problems come before his own according to Anaru.

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It’s nice to see this change, through my eyes it seems that Jintan wants to make the people around him happy, despite that fact that some people don’t believe Menma exists. And that’s ok as it creates a small rift between some of these characters that makes the show interesting. Jintan works with Anaru at the local store, he also works at night at a building site. I would like to touch on the scene in the store, two school kids come into the store and recognise Anaru and Jintan and talk about them rather obviously, these kids clearly knew the two were in earshot. Jintan suddenly shouts out and scares the kids off, he did this because he noticed how Anaru was struggling not to cry.

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It was a nice scene because of the sudden change in the atmosphere, it was tense at first because of the two kids, then it turned into a friendly and calm atmosphere it was as if the small incident never happened. I love that Anaru called Yadomi, Jintan as if things were back to normal. It made me realise how much the two characters have progressed since episode 1. The theme of friendship was strong in this episode.

I’m hoping that Tsurumi gets some love next episode. I still find it weird that she had Yukiatsu old flower pin to wanted to give to Menma in the past. She even wears it though I’m not sure if she wear all day.  When Menma found out that Jintan was making fireworks she’s surprised as she believes she’s been concerned with herself while Jintan has been thinking of her, I liked the building site scene especially when Menma shone the light on Jintan, to me it represented that Jintan has become a better person due to Menma’s presence. Hopefully he thanks for it at some point in this show.

The animation was nice to look at, nothing to write home about but at least it didn’t drop or anything. The small details such as the dirt on Menma’s hands to show that she had moved the light was great to see, it made that scene more meaningful in my eyes as I watched Menma. Speaking of Menma, anyone feel  that she is not that great?, everyone talks about her as if she was amazing but she was just an awkward kid.

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I know that Menma died and it affected everyone, I understand that but I’m talking about Menma in terms of personality she only seems to get angry at Jintan, smile at times or cry, to me there isn’t any layers in regarding her attitude and behaviour that makes me care about her. This episode 7 and there is 4 more episodes left, I’m not sure what they could do to Menma that can make me care about her in the time we have left. I will say this Kayano Ai has a beautiful voice that makes Menma sound innocent and naive. She delivers her lines well but I would like to hear a lot more emotion in her voice.

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This episode as I have already said was pretty dull except for the interactions between Anaru and Jintan, the ending was a bit surprising with Menma’s mum as she seems to be interfering with the kids wanting to make the fireworks. I was racking my brain trying to find out why she want to stop Jintan and the others.

Time has started to move forward for these kids since Jintan interacted with everyone, most of the kids have revealed their secrets to each other which shows how much trust they have in each other now. I don’t understand why Menma’s mum wants to ruin that? I guess next episode we find out but I hope there is a good reason for it.  Favourite voice in this episode was Anaru who is voiced by Tomatsu Haruka. I love her voice range for Anaru, she can sound embarrassed one minute and then angry the next. It must take a lot of practice. She makes Anaru sound cute without trying and I like that.