Charlotte Episode 5

The opening song is theme is called Bravely You by Lia (she sung the main theme in Clannad) and the ending theme, Yakeochinai Tsubasa is sung by Aoi Tada. Both sing beautifully, the ending theme is so relaxing. The two give me Angel Beats Vibes. Which isn’t surprising as the animation company P.A Works animated this show and Angel Beats.

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Nakamura Marina


Aoi Tada

Kazuki Higashiji



Most of this episode took place at a campsite. The kids want to catch a kid who has the ability to fly. I actually liked this episode, it was relaxing. Watching the kids eat roasted corn and meat made me hungry but it also made realise how close the group are to each other.

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The moment between Tomori and Yu was nice, Yu was able to get to know Tomori a little bit. She talks about band ZHIEND that she always listens to. She allows Yu to listen to them and once Yu puts the earphones, he is introduced to a grassy field as he listens to the music.

Charlotte 16

I loved this scene as it expressed how I feel when I listen to music, your instantly transported to another place. That’s how powerful music is. It’s a shame ZHIEND is a fictional band made for this show as the small snippet of music I heard from the artist was beautiful. I found that the person who sung in that small scene is a japanese singer- songwriter.Nakumura Marina is her name.

She actually sang one of GirlDeMo’s songs in episode 2 and 3 of Angel Beats. Will have to take a look at that at some point. Nakumara’s voice is beautiful at the cliff scene in this episode, the guitar accompanies her voice well. Yu likes ZHIEND that he actually listens to the music while he’s asleep. It reminded me of myself as I used to do that a lot when I was little. The only problem I had with it was that my phone battery was low in the morning XD.

The art director for Charlotte is Kazuki Higashiiji who has been the art director for a ton of anime. The visuals in this anime like the scene I spoke about before, when Yu puts the earphones on and sudden colours appear on his face. Higashiiji has directed the art beautifully in this anime.The location setting are beautifully animated. Props to him.

As the episode moves into its second half, things change once the flying kid comes into view. It’s the same as all the other kids they caught, the group fight him, he tries to escape and then Yu uses his powers. What I liked about this was the moment when Yu used his ability on the kid. He was up in the air as the flying kid decided to escape that way, the view from that height was beautiful as you can see the city as Yu falls.

It was the only moment that I liked in this episode. The kid reveals once he’s told of his ability disappearing one day that he wanted to use his power to freely fly in the sky. I’m not sure why what this guy made me feel sad but then I realised none of the other the kids had dreams like his, the used their ability for selfish reasons. It’s a shame that he has a dream as it will now will never come true.

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The end of this episode made me smile as Yu’s sister wasn’t able to use the special pizza sauce she’s been using for ages. Yu can finally have normal food now. Yu has a way of deceiving his little sister without coming off as mean. It’s surprising as the way he convinced people in the past was to use his powers on them.

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The guy has changed but I would like to see this show focus on his development, it would be nice to see something different next episode. Yu’s sister has been constantly coughing all day so I wonder what’s up with her. Yu thinks it’s a cold but I’m not convinced. 

Hopefully we get something other than the student council vs ability kid A,B C next episode. Some development for Tomori, Yusarin and other characters would be nice for next episode.