Clannad Episode 6

Just another boring episode..  I might consider dropping this, I have seen it before so nothing will be lost. Maybe there are other anime you would like me to review? I’ve been thinking about posting my first poll.

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Daisuke Sakaguchi

This review is going to be short, I’ll just say that now as there isn’t much to talk about in this episode because nothing really happened until the end. I’d forgotten how spread out this show is in terms of story progression. Fuuko hands out starfish at the festival, she doesn’t know that Okazaki and Nagisa invited her sister earlier in the episode so it’s a surprise for her when she appears.

Clannad 37

The only problem is that Ibuki Sensei can’t see her which shocks both Okazaki and Nagisa. I’m not sure why they thought her sister would see Fuuko. I mean it’s obvious that she’s a ghost who people can see..

I never noticed that Sunohara is voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi, the voice of Shinpachi from Gintama. It wasn’t until he screamed did I think that his voice sounded familiar. I love it when Shinpachi screams and I love it here in Clannad. I hope to see more of Sunohara just because of his voice actor.

Clannad 38.PNG

Next episode should be interesting, Okazaki and Nagisa must tell Ibuki Sensei that they can see Fuuko now right? She’ll probably think they’re crazy but at least the secrets out right? It would be nice to see the other character in this show, I feel that they don’t get enough love.

I forgot about the moment between Fuuko and exam girl. That was sweet, since she approached Fuuko, she must have seen how hard she was working. 

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