Anime Conventions

So I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys this but I would like to go to an Anime Convention one day. Right now I can’t go so I’ve decided to make this post about describing the Anime Conventions I would like go to one day. 


Number 1: London Comic Con

LCC 1.png

London Comic Con. It’s been around since 2001, yeah that’s a very long time. There are film studios, TV Stations, video games, manga and anime of course at this place. This convention is held in May and October, three days is how long it is. The convention is at the Royal Victoria Dock this year, last year it was held at ExCel London Convention Centre in the London Borough of Newham.


The official website looks amazing, it makes me want to checkout everything they have going on at the convention. The site is very easy to navigate which helps a lot when you want to find certain attractions. The Cosplay is beautiful to look, people work so hard to create their favourite characters. I admire their dedication to look great at the event. I always feel sorry for the Cosplayers who wear suits, it must be incredibly hot I don’t know how they manage it seriously. If I could cosplay as anyone it would be Asahina from Danganronpa the Animation. No it’s not because her character design is easy to cosplay! She has a very cool outfit…

Ok you caught me, it’s a simple character design but I would spice it up a bit, especially her hair. I’d add a cool light up headband. Is that it? No, some jewellery would look great since she’s a swimmer, I think some light blue accessories would look beautiful. I’m not sure about wearing contacts though, I’ve never worn them before so I’m worried that I might injure my eyes.

I would to team up with someone who’s dressed as Sakura from Danganronpa the Animation as well, it would be so cool! She can carry me on her shoulders and I can constantly have a donut in my mouth (Asahina has a donut in her mouth in the opening theme). I’d probably be to heavy though…

The London Film and Comic Con is a different event and that is from the 28-30 July 2017. Check out the site here.


Number 2: Anime Expo

Anime Expo.jpg










The Anime Expo convention is held at the Los Angeles Center in America. The convention is 4 days long, the first weekend of July is when it starts. Love the glass building, it looks gorgeous. The wide doors at the front look very inviting, although I imagine it’s hard to get through when there are a lot of people pushing and shoving. 

There are all sorts of events at this place. You’ve got guest panels, concerts, workshops and anime screenings. I would definitely go to the anime screenings and guest panels. Did you know that Anime Expo has been around since 1994? That’s a long time!

Anime Expo.png

Anime Expo ran from the 1 – 4 of July in 2016 and it’s the same again for next month.

So after looking around online, I found out that Anime Expo has a website,they have step by step guide for newcomers. You can check it out here.

So I’m not sure if I would go to Anime Expo wearing cosplay. I think as it would be my first time, I would just wear normal so I can walk around easily and take a look at the show floor. So I hear that cardboard signs are a thing at this convention, not that I mind that at all it’s just I feel like seeing these cardboard signs would make me laugh some reason.

People in cosplay would be cool to see, though I imagine it gets very hot at conventions due to the crowd of people on the show floor, so I wonder where these cosplayers sit to cool down? They could go outside but then wouldn’t it be to cold for them? Hmm.. I must ask some cosplayers who have been this convention and others.

I need to start saving up money now because I know if I go this convention I would be spending a lot of money on figurines. All the One Piece and Gintama figurines will be all mine!!


Number 3: Anime Central

Anime Central is a Convention that runs for three days over at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois It’s the third largest convention in North America which is good to know, that means it will be very crowded. I worry I might get swept away with the crowd depending on how it flows. In this convention there are masquerades, karaoke, panels, autograph sessions and anime viewing rooms. The anime viewing room will be first on my list when I go.

Anime Central

Followed by karaoke, I’ve never participated in Karoake so it should be an interesting experience for me. Of course, pictures will be taken so you guys can have a laugh. Did you know there weren’t many anime gatherings back in 1998? That’s when this convention decided to come together and create a cool anime convention. I read online that there were two cosplay weddings at this convention in 2012. I did know that existed, it sound cool. Imagine the weird pairings, Nagisa from Clannad with Avilio from 91 days. God, that’s weird I’ll stop now before I add any other ones. XD. If you want to, take a look at Anime Central’s official site.

The inside of the convention looks awesome, a lot of pictures show the show floor and how packed it is. I think what get me is the funny cosplay


This looks great! Imagine all the amazing anime characters getting together and having a party. Sanji from One Piece cooks the food while Hinata and Kageyama from Haikyuu are fighting against Tsukishima while he insults them. Goku Luffy, Naruto and Natsu are having a huge fight that just destroyed Sanji food and use Diable Jambe on everyone in that room.I’m laughing now as I type this XD.


That’s all the conventions for now, I will update this list soon. What conventions have you guys been to? Have you gone as an anime character? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂