Angel Beats Episode 6

Naoi Ayato’s back story was sad but I’m still not ok with what he did.

So I’m going to be talking about the last half of this episode, the scene between Naoi, Yuri, Otonashi and Tenshi. It was the only interesting moment that happened in this episode so I’m going to talk about it. I have to say when Otonashi and Tenshi arrived to see a massacre going on, I was shocked. Otonashi’s friends are dead except for Yuri and Hinata. The NPC’s have guns and are aiming them at Otonashi. All of a sudden Naoi declares that he is God and explains that he killed everyone because they resisted. If you don’t know Naoi is the new deputy student council president since Tenshi stepped down. He decides to demonstrate his god powers on Yuri who for the first time is powerless to stop him.


His power is hypnotism and this is how he got the NPC’s to obey him. Yuri ends up seeing his siblings that she couldn’t save, what Naoi is trying to do is make her disappear which fails due to Otonashi stepping in. Otonashi grabs Naoi by the collar and  yells at him “Our lives were important” “Our lives were real!” This was a powerful scene, the rain, the voice acting, the dark setting all of it was beautiful. It was done so well. Props to the animators. Naoi’s back story was revealed in this episode it was really sad. Basically his brother died and he had to take his place because his brother was talented in the art of pottery. As Naoi begins to accept that his life was not fake all because he remembered the one time his father complimented him. Naoi ends up crying as the rain stops, the episode ends there.


This episode was very serious but I liked it. It showed that Angel Beats can be serious and funny. Otonashi was great in this episode, his interactions with Tenshi showed that he’s a very nice guy who cares about everyone even though he hasn’t known them for very long.

Angel Beats 26.PNG

Naoi might disappear in next episode, I hope not as I really like him. I was angry with him at first because of the massacre and I didn’t understand why he ran the school the way he did but now I like him because of his back story. Now I’ve got to wait until next episode to see what’s going to happen because the preview didn’t show anything.