Charlotte Episode 6

This episode’s second half was awesome! I felt like I had been kicked like Joujirou! XD (Spoilers as usual)

Another ability has been revealed in this episode. It’s called collapse. The group suspect that the person with the ability is Ayumi and pay her a visit. So Ayumi’s friends pay her a visit, the class representative, the guy who Ayumi rejected and the girl with the evil glare. So the first half of this episode was ok, Ayumi interacted with Yusarin who she’s a big fan off. My favourite moment was when Ayumi thought that Tomori and Yu were a couple. The facial expressions were hilarious, they looked so dead in the eyes. XD

Charlotte 22.PNG

So the second half of this episode is where things get interesting. Tomori thinks that the possibility of Ayumi having the collapse ability is very high so she asks Yu to tell Ayumi to stay home just in case anything happens. Ayumi’s fever goes down and Yu asks her to stay home again but she sneaks of to school. I can understand why Yu wants her to stay home again, he doesn’t want anything to happen to her but unfortunately something does happen. It felt like I was waiting for something big to happen in this episode. The feeling of danger was hanging in the air throughout this episode and it bothered me a lot so when the big thing happened, I was shocked.

So the girl who gave Ayumi that glare approaches her and she reveals that she’s jealous of Ayumi because she has Oikawa’s attention, she brings out a knife which wouldn’t be complete without her Yandere eyes and chases Ayumi who runs. That guy Oikawa is so desperate, seriously get the hint, Ayumi isn’t interested. Did anyone else feel that guy was creepy as hell? His eyes and the way he talked to her was weird, good thing class rep stepped in.

Charlotte 23

So Yandere girl chases Ayumi to the top of the stairs in the school, the door is locked so Ayumi can’t escape as Yandere girl steps closer with the knife, Ayumi unlocks her power, Collapse and it is powerful, so powerful that the building she’s in Collapses, Ayumi falls and Yandere girl escapes somehow.

Charlotte 24.PNG

Meanwhile Yu and the others have arrived at the scene and are too late, I knew they would be but I still hoped that they would make it. So Ayumi is dead and Yu runs to collapsed building searching for her.The music was brilliant in this episode, from the moment Yu finds out that Ayumi is at school to when she dies was great. You can really hear the danger in the music that played during the chase between Yandere girl and Ayumi.

Poor Ayumi she didn’t deserve this, she was a sweet girl who cared about her brother. Yu’s desperation to find Ayumi at the end of this episode was great, the violin cemented his desperation to find her and well as the brilliant voice acting.

Charlotte 25.PNG

I thought that when Ayumi was asking for help and the window and floor started to crack it was a great visual as we know what’s about to happen but to show that she really does have the ability and how dangerous it is made me love the scene more.

 I don’t like the way this episode ended abruptly, It was a sudden cut to the credits. Also Yandere Girl’s sudden killing intent, I would liked it if they showed her a couple of episodes before, giving Ayumi glares or something, I just felt it kind of came out of nowhere. After the credits, we get a small scene with the guy who always wet.

Charlotte 26.PNG

You know, the guy who reveals what ability a person has? He stops at the collapsed building and we see Ayumi’s blood, so yes she is dead. I wonder what this guy’s role is in this show? It seems a lot bigger than revealing random kids abilities? I guess we’ll find out next episode.