Danganronpa The Animation Episode 5

I didn’t suspect him at all, it doesn’t make sense.

So Fukawa has Dissociative Personality Disorder. I’m going to be honest, I don’t care about Fukawa at all or her other side. Genocider Sho is annoying and crazy so I’ll be talking about the rest of the class trial.


So it turns out that Bakuya was the one who tampered with the murder scene. He used the extension cord in the library to tie up Fujisaki in the girl’s changing room.

Bakuya isn’t the murderer, Naegi realises that the two posters one of a gravure idol and the other of male idols have been switched which means that Fujisaki was killed in the boy’s changing room. You know I wasn’t surprised once it’s revealed that Fujisaki was a boy. His voice never sounded like a girl’s so no surprise there. What made the scene funny when Monokuma held up a sign that said Fujisaki was a trap. XD


On the night that Fujisaki died,,Celestia saw Fujisaki holding a bag with a track suit inside. The tracksuits that the students were given are all different colours, Fujisaki was meeting up with someone that night, someone who has the same colour track suit as him. This is where Mondo makes his mistake and reveals that Fujisaki’s track suit is blue. The students vote and Mondo is guilty. So Fujisaki decided to become a girl due to the people around him telling he’s a guy and he shouldn’t be so sensitive.


Instead of fearing that his secret would be exposed, Fujisaki decided to change himself so he wouldn’t be so work, he chose Mondo to help him out. So Mondo’ backstory is revealed and it turns out he tried to become the next head of the biker gang so he had a race with his brother, but his brother died and Mondo has carried his guilt since.

His guilt resurfaced when Fujiaski told him he want to get rid of his weak self. Mondo is a good guy despite killing Fujisaki, he still tried to keep his secret by destroying his handbook in the sauna. After everything he still tried to keep his secret for him. So Monokuma still executes Mondo and I have to say the execution was messed up.


My only problem in this episode was Ishimaru and Mondo, we only say the two bond in one episode in that sauna so how are they suddenly brothers? I don’t understand that. We barely know these characters are already some of them are friends. Naegi and Kirigiri were great in this episode they were almost like detectives. Naegi comes off as weak outside the trails but when he in them he’s like a completely different person. Great episode, Poor Mondo and Fujisaki. I wonder who’s next?