Joker Game Episode 5

This was a very interesting episode, much better than the last one.

So a spy (let’s call him Robinson) gets captured by the English in this episode. Lieutenant Colonel Howard Marks, the british spymaster uses a truth serum on Robinson because our spy refuses to reveal that he is a spy. It turns out that Robinson has been sold out by Yuuki. Once Robinson finds that out he asks Colonel Marks to use him and the Colonel does. He makes Robinson send fake intel to Japan. While Robinson and a guard goes to get some food, he wants to go to the bathroom instead. This scene was great because of the music, it’s the same track that plays when you know the spy has a plan.


So earlier in the episode, Robinson had checked out the bathroom location on a map in a room, he makes his escape by going to the top floor, according to him there is an emergency staircase that will lead outside. But it turns out it’s a trap, while Robinson figures out what to do, the guards are searching for him, I loved that the emergency staircase plan was a trap, I would have been too easy for Robinson to escape. You have to remember that Robinson has been in this place for days with no food or water, so he would be tired and he would be not thinking clearly, it was great to see that he underestimated the spymaster.


A guard finds Robinson in one of the rooms but instead of giving him up, he gives him keys. When I saw that, I was like “What?” “Is he another spy or something?” But that isn’t the case here. At the beginning of the episode, Yuuki gives Robinson the story of Robinson Crusoe and we once again hear this story in the second half of this episode.

This story is important because of “Friday”, the man Robinson saved from cannibals. It turns out that the guard is Friday, a sleeping spy who only activates when a Japanese spy has been captured, the code Friday activates when he sees astronomical sign for Venus.



This was a great reveal , done in a way that didn’t feel out-of-place.  It was also nice to know that Robinson didn’t know about Friday so his reaction was a genuine one.


So Robinson ends up escaping and we get a flashback on Yuuki talking to the spies about what happens when a spy is captured, I liked this flashback it revealed that Robinson knew what was going to happen because he was trained for it. The use of music in this episode was brilliant. The piano was used in this episode as way of letting the viewer know that the situation that Robinson is in is a bad one for him, honestly I wasn’t worried about Robinson’s fate until he realised he was fell into a trap. I wasn’t expecting a sleeper spy to appear and save him.


Loved the Jazz music at the end when Robinson was reflecting on the situation, it let me know that he will be ok now because he escaped, it made the tension that existed before disappear. This episode was a lot better than the last but that’s maybe because I could understand what was going on in this episode. XD

I can’t wait for next episode, I’m definitely a lot more interested in this show than before. The standalone stories are great because we get to see the spies in different situations. What did you think of this episode? Let me know below.