Kiznaiver Episode 4

Another boring episode.

So this review is going to be very short as not much happened in this episode. Chidori has a crush on Kacchon, Tenga seems to have a crush on Chidori. This is something we already know, well not Tenga but it looks like he likes her, Honestly I don’t care about ships not just in this show but in any anime. Shipping wars are things I tend to stay away from. It just feels so pointless to me, I still don’t understand why people obsess over it.


So what was surprising in this episode was that Kacchon decided to invite Sonazaki to the summer training camp trip she has planned. The only reason why Kacchon invited her is because she is the girl from his past, they made that obvious at the beginning of this episode.

Chidori is pretty desperate to get Kacchon to notice her obvious feelings, she even gets Tenga to help her out at the end of this episode. She believes that Kacchon has feelings for Sonozaki. I don’t know what she’s seeing it’s clear that he’s curious about her and that’s it. All of the character’s feelings in this episode are as obvious as noticing a white cat in room full of black dogs.


I’m hoping that the romance plot doesn’t continue for very long. I want to like Chidori but she’s pretty boring as all she seems to care about is Kacchon and that’s ok but she doesn’t need to obsess over him. I want Chidori to be something more than a jealous person.

With Nico, I want her to stop trying to get attention by acting weird, Hisomu.. well he won’t change so I don’t care about him, Tenga might be my favourite depending on how he acts in the next episode. The other two characters aren’t interesting.


The only reason why I continue to review this show is because of the concept of the Kiznaivers, other than dumb missions maybe we can get something else please? How about a story, a plot? Put these characters in a situation where things get dangerous.