A Lull in the Sea Episode 5

Loved this episode. Akari and Miuna’s problems in this episode is sorted. It was nice to see this episode focus on the problems of other characters.

So Chisaki reveals to Manaka that she has feeling for Hikari to Manaka by accident. I’m not sure why Tsumugu didn’t tell Chisaki earlier than Manaka was listening? Maybe he didn’t realise it until it was tool late? Anyway Chisaki asks Manaka to forget what she heard, Manaka says she’ll forget but worried about Chisaki throughout this episode, which is normal. I mean how can you forget something like that? I don’t undestand Chisaki here, why tell Manaka to forget it, she’s your friend why not talk about it with her? Keeping it a secret will cause problems, Chisaki herself says this in this episode.


In the second half of this episode,Miuna goes missing, Hikari and the group find her but she refuses to go home. The conversation between Hikari and Miuna was an interesting one, we get to see why Miuna had been worried about Akari becoming her new mum, she’s scared that is there was chance that Akari died like her mum, she wouldn’t know what to do. She doesn’t to feel as sad as she did when her mum died again. What Miuna says get’s Hikari to reflect on his feeling for Manaka. Hikari thinks it might be easier not to love someone but on the other hand he doesn’t want to think it’s useless to love someone.


This moment showed me that Hikari character is progressing, he’s beginning to realise that his way of thinking these last four episodes was wrong. Once the two of them get back onto to land, Miuna asks Hikari to help her with something. The next day, we find out what that is, Miuna’s “sea slug” the gum writing on the wall says “Don’t go away”. Akari approaches Miuna and Hikari who were sleeping next to her place of work, she tells Miuna she’s isn’t going anywhere because she loves her. It was a touching moment because both Miuna and Akari were running away from their problems but by coming together they realised that they both want to be happy with Miuna’s dad.


It was ok for Miuna to feel the way she did because it’s normal to feel scared when someone new comes into your life. With Akari she realises that denying her feeling for Miuna and her dad was wrong, it’s ok be selfish because it’s a human thing. Great ending to the episode, except when Akari cried again. Have I mentioned how awkward I feel when any anime character cries the way Akari did? I just have skip that moment, maybe it’s unnecessary wailing? XD

The visuals were gorgeous, P.A Works have great animators over there, the sound effects and music were great too. My favourite moment in this episode was when Hikari hugged Miuna when they were in the water, time seems to slow down there as Miuna listened to Hikari’s heartbeat and realised her problem. I loved the focus on the water droplets as they slowly turned while we listened to Hikari’s heart slowly beating was beautiful.


The other great moment was when Akari told Miuna she wasn’t going anywhere, the camera pans to the wall where we can see Miuna’s gum writing which Hikari helped her with, it was a great callback to earlier in the episode when Miuna believed that Akari leaving was because she almost wrote the gum writing “Go Away” on the wall. Akari realising that she is still a child was brilliant, Hikari called her out on it, trying to replace his mom and acting grown up while she’s still a child herself was very telling.


The way Akari acted in this episode, reminded me of kids nowadays try to act to grown up, wearing short skirts, too much makeup and lying about their age, it’s kind of worrying.

So you really have to pay attention in this episode as the music, the character’s dialogue, the facial expressions all make you think about what’s going through these characters heads in this episode. I hope that next episode will focus on Chisaki’s feelings for Hikari. I’m curious as to whether Manaka will say something. Chisaki’s issue is clearly eating at her.