Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 4

Ruler had it coming. (Spoilers in this review as usual)

So in this episode ,Ruler’s plan to steal Snow White’s candies is a success. Ruler’s magical ability is to command others to do her bidding with her scepter. The problem with this is she has to hold her pose to make it work. La Pucelle was cool in this episode, taking out the peaky angel twins and stepping on Tama’s head. His sword is awesome, he is able to extend the sword’s length which makes fighting easy for La Pucelle. 


In Ruler’s hideout, she talks about how her subjects are fools as they weren’t able to stall La Pucelle properly. So Ruler refuses to divide up Snow White’s candies equally among the group, she believes that because she devised the plan, the others are just subjects who exist to protect her that’s it. While she says all this, the music gets dark, it gives off the vibe that something bad is about to happen. Ruler goes off on a rant, calling the group idiots and fools and while she checks her phone, she realises she is in the last place in the candie rankings.


In the second half of this episode, Ruler has a flashback and talks about how she approached Tama, Swim Swim and the twins to be her meat shield all because of Calamity Mary who she wants to take out because she humiliated her. In the present, Ruler is covered in blood and asks why her subjects did this to her and then she dies. Ruler is clearly smart but she didn’t realise that treating people like rubbish will come back to bite her, her attitude is disgusting as shown earlier in this episode when she decided to write a proposal to her boss when she noticed problems in the building.


I’m sorry but you are the employee it’s not your place to tell your boss that there are some problems with the way he run things. If it sound like you want to suggest something fine, but do it in a kind manner not the way Ruler aggressively says it like she knows she’s right, you’ll get nowhere there. I understand that Ruler wanted to get promoted since she just makes tea and does some paperwork but you have to start from the bottom and make your way up. Honestly, I’m glad that Ruler is dead, now the others can shine. Seriously, what a toxic person. It turns out that Swim Swim betrayed by only taking half of Snow White’s candies and dividing it between Tama, the twins, Snow White, La Pucelle and herself.


I was surprised to find out that the little girl who meet Nemurin in that dream is Swim Swim, she likes Ruler because she is strong and reliable, a princess in Swim Swim’s eyes. Nemurin is the one who end up convincing Swim Swim to become a princess herself. Swim Swim takes this advice as a way to take Ruler out because she can’t become a princess since Ruler is around.


Loved the way the violin was used, it reminded me of shows like Downton Abbey where the music gets fancy once the dancing starts. In this case, there’s not dancing just the reveal of who Swim Swim is and why she acts the way she does. Thanks so much Nemurin!

This was a great reveal it made me understand Swim Swim’s character better. She’s just a kid, probably around 9 years old who follows Ruler because she wants to be like her. A young impressionable kid, I hope she doesn’t get obsessed with being a Ruler now and takes out the rest of the group. The Snow White and La Pucelle scenes make me roll my eyes, I like La Pucelle but the whole not wanting to get Snow White involved in this conflict is dumb.


I feel like he won’t be able to protect her as he says. Can Snow White stop crying please? It’s all she does, well other than save people. She’s so boring, she just exists to be the hopeful character who wants all the fighting to stop. Well that’s not going to happen. Looking forward to next episode.