Plastic Memories Episode 4

This episode was really sweet. I’m glad we got to know more about Souta and Marcia.

In this episode, Tsukasa and Isla go to retrieve Marcia who is a giftia looking after a kid called Souta whose parents died when he was young. Souta clearly doesn’t want Marcia to leave as her time is up so he tells her that her stories about his parents are lies to cover up the fact that he will miss her. Tsukasa and Isla decide to help Souta to become close with Marcia again, this is thanks to Michiru’s advice. Michiru was also raised by a giftia so she understand Souta’s situation.

PM 13

I would to hear more about Michiru’s past with her father, she hints at the fact that there were problems with his retrieval so I wonder what happened? Tsukasa and the others help Marcia make a cake that Souta’s mum made for him to celebrate his birthday in the past. I’m kind of tired of Isla always looking miserable. I understand why she’s the way she is because of her lifespan but I wish she would talk to someone about it you know?


As soon as Souta gets home they all wish him a happy birthday. Souta rejects Marcia at first but as soon as he sees the cake, all the memories of his time with his parents and Marcia come flooding back to him. He cries as he eats the cake and apologies to Marcia. He didn’t need to apologise because Marcia already understood why he was upset.

PM 15

This episode ends with some Black Market retrievers approaching Souta at his house and asking for Marcia. So that means we haven’t seen the last of Souta and Marcia. Next episode will definitely be problematic for both Tsukasa and Isla.