Psycho Pass Episode 4

Akane’s Avatar looked so cute in this episode. Kogami’s Avatar as a coin was funny. XD

So in this episode Akane and the Enforcers have to find out who Talisman, a popular avatar is behind the mask. Akane and Kogami are the one’s who enter Talisman’s domain, Akane ends up with Spooky Boogie another avatar who is a rival to Talisman. She knows that Akane is a detective, the person behind Spooky Boogie apparently went to school with Akane so she decides to help her out. She sets a trap in the form of a party for all the avatars to attend, a community gathering.


The plan ends up failing when the other avatars are hacked and turned into Talisman. Akane and the other Enforcers were unable to track Talisman down. I loved this scene, the sudden change from party music to techno music to show that things were spiralling out of control was great. The colour’s were great in this scene as well from blue/ purple to sudden red was cool to see.


So Spooky Boogie gets called out by Talisman for working with the government. She leaves the realm there in and enters the real world, we get to see her face and she’s not what I expected, wearing a big pink dress with a bow in her head. A lot of red and pink on her including her hair. Anyway she tries to block Talisman form accessing his avatar, she’s stopped by Talisman himself in his human form. He strangles her and leaves her on the ground.

 PP 17.PNG

We then the guy we saw in the club earlier who let Talisman know that a detective was at the party. He asks if Spooky Boogie will be killed, to which Talisman answers that Spooky Boogie will be kept around, but the woman won’t. So it looks like Talisman is going to mess up the woman’s face and play the part of Spooky Boogie.


That scene with the tomatoes in the blender at the end was a great visual point. As Talisman blend the romatoes and the juice splatters on the screen, the lyrics to the outro start playing and as the music starts the juice is fully splatters on the screen while Talisman stares at the screen in boredom.

So it looks like the plot for this episode will continue next week. I look forward to seeing what happens.