Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episode 3

Great episode. Subaru finally got to save Satella. (Spoilers as usual)

So Elsa appears again in this episode to take out Satella and the others. She and puck put up a good fight but Satella’s taken out and puck’s time is up so he falls asleep. Old man rom put up a fight but Elsa takes him out, now it’s felt turn but Subaru tells Felt to escape, he will buy her some time by handling Elsa. He takes Old Man Rom’s club and uses it to fight Elsa while Felt escapes. Satella wakes up and now it’s 2v1, both Subaru and Satella are getting anywhere with Elsa. Suddenly my MAN Reinhard appears from the sky!


Well he bursts through the roof but it was still cool. This is the fight that had me smiling throughout. The music when Reinhard takes on Elsa is amazing. It’s sounds so heroic but it also has a hint of danger to it. Elsa starts to move and the camera work here is brilliant. We get to see Elsa move on the walls like the predator she is, we see some of the fight through her eyes. Reinhard is just standing in the middle not giving a crap. He’s just blocking every attack with his sword.


Meanwhile Satella is healing Old Man Rom, what a nice person. Once Satella heals the old man, she tells Subaru to let Reinhard know its ok to release his power. And release it he does. He takes out half of the building. Elsa appears again, jeez this girl needs to learn to give up, you were almost taken out, let it go Elsa. She leaves and Subaru introduces himself to Satella in a flashy way of course. He asks for only one thing, her name. And she reveals its Emilia and thanks Subaru for saving her. It was a lovely touching moment as Subaru remembers everything he went to get to this point.


He got her name and a smile as a reward. Everything seems ok until Subaru realises he was hit by Elsa earlier and passes out. Emilia heals him again and we get a conversation between Emilia and Reinhard about Subaru, who Emilia has decided to take home with her. Subaru will be thrilled when he wakes up. Something up with my man Reinhard though, he seems to have realised something about Felt and decides to take her with him and that’s where the episode ends.


Emilia’s ice powers are pretty cool, I think that she should change the shape of her ice though just shooting ice spikes at Elsa wasn’t enough. I wonder what her trump card is? Subaru was able to shove his fear down and fight to the best of his ability. I like him, he may be over the top at times, but he knows when take moments seriously. There isn’t much to say about my MAN Reinhard except  he’s perfect, so strong and cool. He better appear more so I can keep saying my MAN! XD The animation, music and characters were great in this episode, I just hope we never see Elsa again, she’s annoying but her abilities are cool.