Attack on Titan Episode 9

Hey Levi. (Spoilers in this episode as usual)

It’s good to see Levi again, I’d forgotten what  he and Hange were like at the beginning of this anime. It’s almost weird to see them like this. So Levi is a member of the Survey Corps who at the moment is clearing out the titans outside the wall with his team. His fighting is fine, slicing up titans is cool I guess, but I want to talk about the scene with the fallen soldier. It’s an incredibly sad scene as the soldier is dying from his wounds and asks Levi if he was useful to humanity, Levi replies that he was but it looks like the soldier died before he could hear all of his words.

Attack 63.PNG

Once again this show’s the harshness of this world, that fact that the Survey Corps have to deal with people dying every day is heartbreaking. Something tells me that this isn’t the first time that Levi has said this to a dying soldier, I believe that every time he says this, he dies a little inside each time. Poor Survey Corps. While this is happening, Eren is sinking in inside the stomach of the titan that ate him in front of Armin. This was quite the disturbing scene, here you have Eren who realises he’s inside a titan, freaking out while dead bodies float in a pool of blood.

Attack 65.PNG

The saddest moment in this scene is that Eren notices that someone is still alive but she’s calling out for her mum while she’s dying, this reminds Eren of his mom which reminds him how much he wants to defeat the titans as he says this the camera slowly pans up so that we can see Eren from a bird’s-eye view with his missing arm reaching up. That dying girl’s voice was so sad.

Vogel Im Kafig was a brilliant music choice for this scene. It highlights the terror Eren is feeling but it also reminds us of his motivation, why he wants to defeat the titans in the first place. So Eren becomes a titan and the flashback ends. I have to say Armin’s face while Eren is still half asleep is priceless, the shock on his face while Eren looks demonic had me cracking up. XD

Attack 66.PNG

So Eren and the gang are in trouble, the rest of the military know that Eren is a titan but they still question it. Eren doesn’t understand what’s going on which is understandable he isn’t aware that he is a titan. He’s just a human.  Once again Mikasa reveals that she care about no one but Eren. In this case it’s fine because his life is in danger. Everything that happened, Eren tranforming is just a dream to him.

He screams that he’s human and at this point you expect that the military will lower their guard but they don’t. The soldier that has been talking to Eren gives the order to take Eren and co out but before he raises his hand he says something surprising and interesting. “We’ve got not choice”. “No man can prove… He’s not a devil”.

Attack 67.PNG

It’s an  interesting choice of words, he could have just said we have no choice but to kill you or something like that. It’s just that his choice of words expresses how he and the other soldiers feel about the titans, we already know this but I though what he said really highlighted how afraid these soldiers are, one of their own might be a titan. As Mikasa grabs Eren to escape, the basement key hits something, the sound effect that added to the key reminds us how important this key and it reminds Eren as well as it’s revealed that Eren’s dad had more to say to Eren other than to keep that key him.

Attack 68.PNG

Honestly watching this anime again has reminded me about how there is so much foreshadowing in the first season. Everything that Eren’s dad says here makes so much sense to me, but to an anime only viewer it’s just leads to more questions.If you’ve watched Season 2, this scene might make sense I think XD. This scene just made me sad, but I won’t spoil anything. So everything slows down at the point as the track XL TT or the Colossal Titan theme song get louder and louder.

Attack 69.PNG

Eren’s dad is still talking as the Eren realises what he needs to do, that choir is amazing, it makes this scene so much more important and amazing. Loved the end of this scene, Eren half transforms into the titan, not sure why he half transformed, the titan is skeleton is visible to everyone and as the soldiers scream in terror and Mikasa and Armin look on in shock, the episode ends there.

Attack 70.PNG

What a great episode, Eren tranforming at the end, Mikasa and Armin’s facial expression, the animators at Wit Studio really know how to highlight the fear on people’s faces. I don’t know if you noticed but the black lines on the character’s faces get bolder and darker when their stressed or scared. Can’t wait for next episode.

Attack 71.PNG