My Hero Academia Episode 7

Uraraka is adorable XD (Spoilers in this episode)

This was another great episode but not just because of Deku and Bakugou’s fight. Uraraka and Iida had a good fight as well. Some flashbacks are shown in this episode that highlights the relationship between Deku and Bakugou. Bakugou became even more of a horrible person when his quirk manifested.


You see, Bakugou has been praised even since he was little, by everyone including teachers. So once his quirk awakens, he let it get to his head. Now he has a huge ego, he thinks he can do everything by himself, he is very prideful. In the flashback, Deku tries to help him up after he fell into a river, and this angers Bakugou.


That memory was a humiliating one for him and I think he remembered it when Deku ran to save him for the first time. This guy has serious anger problems, it isn’t healthy to be this angry. Deku’s moves in this episode were great unfortunately for him Bakugou is smart and because of this, his quick thinking allowed him to get the upper hand on Deku.

Once Deku realises that he has to finally use his quirk against Bakugou, he and Bakugou face each other in a final battle, the timer is going down so that means that both Deku and Uraraka have to think of something quick.


Deku uses his quirk but not against Bakugou, against the ceiling, his hit is so powerful that it reached up to where Uraraka and Iida are, this allows Uraraka to use her quirk against Iida. “Comet Home Run”! is the name of Uraraka move and she uses it to distract Iida while she grabs the weapon.


Back with Deku and Bakugou, Deku reveals to Bakugou that he can’t use his quirk because his body can’t handle its impact. When the smoke from Bakugou’s explosion earlier subsides, we see that one of the Deku’s arms is broken while the other he used to block Bakugou’s explosion.


Deku ends up passing out while Bakugou looks on in shock, the hero team wins. Deku’s dialogue in this episode was great again, he has another goal,  to surpass Bakugou. Next episode is called Bakugou’s starting line, should be interesting.