91 Days Episode 5

Day 5 was a bad day for Nero

Frate, Nero’s brother tried to kill him when Nero comes back to city. Frate made a deal with Orco, the condition of this deal was to kill Nero. Frate mentions how Nero tried to kill Fango so it’s fair to do the same to him. It seems to me that the real reason Frate did this was because he’s jealous of Nero as he has their father’s attention. I understand that Frate is worried about the Galassians but you don’t try to kill your own brother just to appease them. It doesn’t make sense.

91 Days 23.PNG

In the second half of the episode, Corteo asks Avilio to leave this place because this fight between the families have nothing to do with them. Avilio need answers so he refuses to leave. He says something that I suspected, his  only reason to live is for revenge, take that away from him and there’s nothing left for him. To me that isn’t true, he has his friend Corteo who will obviously stick with him. Poor Corteo he’s just an innocent soul caught up in this mess. I personally think all he wants is his friend back. 😦

91 Days 25.PNG

One of Nero’s men is injured, so Avilio suggests they take him to the island across from them but Nero refuses as Fango is there, he won’t risk his friend’s life. Avilio tricks Corteo into thinking their leaving. Avilio and Corteo have a talk with Fango and Avilio suggests that if he brings Don Orco alive to Fango then Nero’s friend should be able to see a Doctor. Fango agrees and Corteo heads back to tell Nero’s everything, Avilio is a hostage at Fango’s place and Corteo is a hostage to Nero because of Avilio’s plan.

91 Days 26.PNG

It’s really Avilio’s but Fango won’t touch Nero if he think he came up with the plan. Great but dangerous idea from Avilio. Of course we know that this plan will fail, it has to. This show and it’s setting doesn’t strike as the land where plan are a success. Things have to fail, in order fo Avilio to look cool, and also for his own revenge plan to continue.

91 Days 27.PNG

You know, I’ve never watched the outro through to the end. I never noticed that Avilio’s bullet drops on Nero’s face in the broken class. That’s pretty cool. 🙂