Haikyuu Episode 5

Loved this episode! The comedy was great! “Wear it”! XD

Hinata and Kageyama are now official members of the volleyball club. Hinata’s face when got his jacket was adorable. Hinata and co have a practice match against one of the top four volleyball teams in the prefecture, it turns out that the school is Kageyama’s junior high school so we’ll definitely see his former teammates in the next episode.

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It seems the school agreed to the match because they want to test Kageyama’s skills. I was really happy and proud of Hinata in this episode, he going to have a match against one of the top volleyball teams. It may be a practice match but it’s still a match. The intermission transition in this episode was funny and cute.

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So Hinata will be a middle blocker in the match, a middle blocker is a position where the person scores a lot of points, they are also the distraction. So everything is riding on Hinata, according to Kageyama. I thought that the team going over the positions was a neat scene to add as it not only highlights how important the positions are but it also adds some great information for the viewers who don’t know anything about volleyball, like me.

Poor Hinata, he’s really feeling the pressure in this episode, everyone else thinks it’s just normal as everyone gets nervous before the match. But for Hinata it’s pretty extreme, to the point where Hinata ends up with his jacket around his legs, he’s that distracted.

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It was a funny scene with the Connie – lookalike (forgot his name XD) laughing at him, but it was also kind of worrying. Will Hinata push down his nerves before the match, if not will he not be able to play at all? At the end of this episode, Hinata is so nervous that he pukes on Connie-lookalike.

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The puke reminded me of Uraraka’s puke in My Hero Academia XD. It’s funny how the rest of team didn’t realise how serious Hinata’s anxiety was until the end. 

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Loved this episode, the interactions between different characters was brillaint. Especially between Kageyama, Connie- lookalike and Hinata. The food scene in front of the store was hilarious.

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