Snow White with the Red Hair Episode 5

I’m glad that Obi’s back. 😀

Zen, Mitsuhide and Kiki head to a fort that is quite far from Clarines. When they get there, they find out all of the guards except one are sick. Zen and the others take a look around to see if they can find any clues as to what happened to these guards. They find out that the weapons from the armory have been taken. Kiki mentions to the guys that they should bring Shirayuki to the fort as she might be able to help them. So Shirayuki arrives and tends to the guards.


Later on in the episode, Shirayuki discovers that the firewood is making the guards ill. As the firewood burns, it’s realising particles will scatter into the air, breathing it in constantly will start to have an effect on you, this is why the guards were sick since they inside a lot compared to Shuka who was guarding outside.


The guards are ok now since the firewood has been disposed of. Shirayuki had to make a lot of antidotes so she hasn’t been getting enough sleep as the guards have 3 shifts. Obi sees Shirayuki carrying some boxes, she almost falls as she’s so tired but Obi catches her. Shirayuki tells Obi not to tell anyone she’s not feeling well, she doesn’t want anyone to know as she isn’t feeling as she doesn’t want to bother them. That’s nice and all but the truth will come out sooner or later and it does.


Zen finds out and feels bad that he didn’t realise, he asks Shirayuki to close her eyes for 60 seconds and she does, but falls asleep which is fine with Zen as that’s what he wanted. It’s funny that Shirayuki didn’t realise this but I guess it’s because she’s exhausted. While Shirayuki sleeps, Zen and co go to where the bandits are thanks to Obi who scouted them out. They fight and end up taking the stolen weapons back to the fort.

Zen and Shirayuki have a talk at the end of the episode. Zen scolds Shirayuki for not telling him she was tired. But he also praises her in this scene because is she hadn’t worked hard, then the guards wouldn’t have got better. After he tells Shirayuki, how happy he is that she’s here, he kisses her hand while thanking her for being there for the guards and for him.


To Zen, Shirayuki was his driving force in this episode,it’s the same for Shirayuki. The episode ends as the guards thanks Shirayuki and co for their help while they leave the fort.

As much as I love this show, it has its problems. It feels like the episodes have been the same thing, Shirayuki and Zen kind of confessing to each other. I don’t hate it, but it feels repetitive. Is it just me that’s feeling this way? I mean, I understand that this show’s focus is not on Shirayuki and Zen falling in love with each other, it’s how their relationship builds from friendship to a relationship. I just think that Zen’s has loved Shirayuki since the first episode, that’ the feeling I get.

Anyway it’s a minor complaint, it doesn’t change how much I enjoy the show. The two do have a great relationship, Zen has changed quite a bit the guy used to run away from his responsibility as a prince but since he sees Shirayuki working hard, it’s inspired him to do more for the people of Clarines.

With Shirayuki, she had the problem of settling for things, like in the first episode with Raj. I think Shirayuki has stopped settling but now needs to learn to slow down when it comes to her work. It’s great to be hardworking but not to the point where your exhausted. I just don’t think it’s healthy. Lovely episode, wonder what’s next?