Angel Beats Episode 7

Everyone’s faces XD

Otonashi remembers his past thanks to Naoi who still alive, he didn’t disappear which is great. Otonashi had no purpose in his life, he didn’t care about anyone at all. He only visited his sick sister in hospital and gave her manga she bought from the store. What Otonashi realises at the end of this flashback is that his purpose in life was his sister. She was the reason he kept going in life. It looks like Otonashi died in the middle of pursuing his dream which upsets present Otonashi.


To me, he cried because he finally realised what his dream was, only for it to ripped away from him because he died. It’s a sad moment for Otonashi and it was sad for me. Before he regained his memories, Otonashi was afraid that he would lose the life he was living with the battlefront, things would change for so he was scared of remembering his life. It’s a very realistic moment he had, I’m sure we’ve all felt the way Otonashi did in that moment.

The second half of this episode is the gang fishing, Otonashi spots Tenshi and invites her along. much to the shock of the rest of the group. There’s a huge fish in the river that Tenshi is able catch while fishing, she end up jumping up in the air and slicing the fish with her blades.


Tenshi already belongs in the group, it was nice of Otonashi to invite her. Otonashi and the rest of the group serve the giant fish in school. As they are giving the food to the NPC’S, Otonashi asks Tenshi if he can call her by her first name, he feels that the two are closer now which is why she asked, she agrees to it, Yuzuru is Otonashi’s first name and he asks her to call him that.


It’s a beautiful scene as the sun is setting in the background and main theme song is playing as well, the piano version highlights how calm the scene is.

This episode was very relaxing, it felt like break after last episode’s events. My only problem with is that I felt like I had skipped an episode. How do we go from Naoi crying in rain while Otonashi holds him, to the guy messing around with Hinata by hypnotizing him? The scene was funny but it felt out-of-place after last episode’s events.



AB 33


I felt like some conversations should have happened before we got to that first scene. Such as Naoi apologizing to everyone for what he did, I mean that was some intense stuff. Still a good episode, but I don’t really enjoy feeling like I’ve missed an episode.

It looks like things will be getting intense next episode as another Tenshi has arrived at the scene. I wonder how Kanade will react? Will she fight her?

Got to wait until next episode. I love that Naoi is in the ending, looks like he’s here to stay. 🙂