Anohana Episode 8

Menma’s mum looked scary, I feel bad for her but I don’t like that she blamed Jintan and the others.

Jintan and the other go to Menma’s house to ask her mum for permission to grant the fireworks for Menma. As soon as I watched this scene I knew thing would get ugly fast. Menma’s mum blames them, all of the kids for leaving Menma behind.

Anohana 38.PNG

They have all grown while Menma has stayed the same. I was a bit scared when Menma’s mum dropped her nice act and went in on the kids. She’s grieving and I understand that but to last out at Menma’s friends just because they’ve grown up is dumb. They didn’t cause her death, it was just an accident.

After the scene ends, Yukiatsu decides to stop all of this playing around, it’s hurting everyone and that’s not okay with him so Jintan decided to continue to grant Menma’s wish by himself. Anaru later on confesses to Jintan, we already know this but the way Anaru expressed herself in that scene was heartbreaking. Jintan is taking on more shifts and Anaru worries about him so she confesses to him.

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Now normally I think confession scenes are dumb but Anaru crying while clinging on to Jintan was sad to see. I liked the scene, the music that played at that moment was lovely to listen to. It’s great that Jintan finally knows that Anaru has felt guilty about past events ever since they were little. At first I though that he didn’t register what Anaru said but later he mentions how so many people are drowning in their own guilt except him because Menma appeared to him.

Anohana 40

One moment I loved in this episode was Jintan and his dad visiting his mum’s grave. There haven’t been many interactions with Jintan and his dad. His dad knows everything but doesn’t push Jintan to talk about it. I like him and wish he would appear more.

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Yukiastsu is really annoyed at Jintan. He and everyone got a voiceless call from Jintan’s house, it wasn’t him or his dad because they were out working. Yukiastsu doesn’t believe that Menma is there with Jintan. Honestly it isn’t surprising that Yukiastsu and the other don’t believe that Menma was there. I keep wondering why they went along with all of this in the first place? If you never believed, why continue?

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Menma’s mum has gotten to everyone, her words have been eating away at the group all this time. To stop the group fighting, Menma writes in her diary that she doesn’t want the group to fight. As the episode ends, Poppo asks if it really is Menma to which Jintan says yes.

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If Menma could write in her diary, then why didn’t she do this ages ago! This would have solved some of the issues the group have been having. It looks like next episode will continue the problems the group are having. I hope we get to see Menma’s mum again, I still don’t like the way she talked to Jintan and the others.