Charlotte Episode 7

Shirayanagi didn’t need to come back, even if she was only in one scene. It was still pointless.

Ayumi is dead and Yu has to accept that. Yu goes from eating ramen to eating pizza at an internet cafe. Throughout this episode, you can see that Yu is spiralling out of control. It was very sad to see but not surprising. Ayumi was all Yu had but he feels like he didn’t see that until the end. I have to be honest, I got a little scared when Yu was playing that shooting game, here is where you really see Yu starting to lose himself. He hasn’t been to school in so long and had been spending his days eating dango and playing in an arcade.

Charlotte 27.PNG

He returns again and again to play this game, he’s clearly addicted. One day some guys are playing this game and he rudely asks them to let him play, the guys take him to the back and try to beat him up, Yu uses his power and then he stabs one of them twice with the dango stick. It’s kind of disturbing but I kind of like it, sometimes you end up losing yourself once someone dies.

Charlotte 28.PNG

Nothing matters anymore and you can see this is the way Yu acts and talks in this episode.  At one point in this episode, Yu is about to stab one of the gang leaders in the eye but he doesn’t and I wonder why he doesn’t. There’s no one there to stop him if he does it. It made me believe that deep down, the real Yu is still there.

Charlotte 29.PNG

Yu finds some Cocaine after he defeats this gang near the end of the episode, he’s about to take it when Tomori stops him. She’s been there the whole time, watching him. You know, why appear now because he’s taking drugs? He stabs a guy with a dango stick and almost stabs a guy in the eye? Why now?

Charlotte 30.PNG

Tomori has felt bad ever since Ayumi died. Tomori tells him that if he has a decent meal, one bite and she won’t talk to him again. Tomori makes omelet rice which surprises Yu since it’s his favourite meal. All this time Ayumi was trying to recreate the taste that whole time. Yu cries as he eats the rest of the omelet rice, it’s a touching scene. So Yu decides to go back to the Student Council just like that.

Charlotte 31.PNG

I have some problems with this episode, first of all I didn’t like the pacing. It felt too slow and some scene dragged a bit. I understand that the pacing is to show’s how boring and uninteresting life is for Yu now that Ayumi’s gone but I already got that with the Shirayanagi scene which by the way was dumb.

What was the point of bringing her back? Yu was using her so why would he suddenly jump up at the idea of going to eat pancakes with her again? Seriously? And calling Yu mentally ill. You don’t say just say that to someone. He just lost his sister, why would think saying that would change things? Then she acts surprised when he gets pissed off. You really didn’t need to come back.

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The other problem was this plot point with Yu. Ayumi has been gone for one episode and all of a sudden Yu is better at the end of this episode? I feel like Yu’s downward spiral needed another episode, make it believable. The fact that Tomori’s appearance was able to turn Yu around is ridiculous. The guy was so far gone, that it should have been extremely difficult to get back up. Yu sudden change was too quick just because of some omelet rice.

The problems I spotted in this episode just made me question this anime. Maybe the studio felt they needed things to be resolved quickly, if that’s the guy there isn’t really any need as there hasn’t been a proper plot in this anime. Unless you count the whole catch the new power thing they were doing for 5 episodes. Oh well, me complaining about this episode won’t so anything. Hopefully next episode won’t let me down.