Danganronpa The Animation Episode 6

This anime is getting boring.

The student meet Alter Ego Fujisaki’s AI he programmed. The students try to find out if Alter Ego knows anything, currently he’s trying to download some files that he found about the school. Ishimaru manages to get over Mondo’s death thanks to Alter Ego who turns into Mondo to give Ishimaru some advice which he takes.



The rest of this episode wasn’t memorable at all. Except when Celestia and some other people were hit by 4 different hammers.


The second half of this episode was a mess, it was also confusing. Someone is going round hitting people with hammers. Ishimaru and Yamada’s bodies go missing only to appear in the same room later on. Yamada is still alive and seems to know what’s going on, Yamada tells everyone Yasahiro is the one who attacked him before he dies.


I didn’t like this episode it seems as if the concept it struggling to make things interesting. The characters were all boring, doing the same thing they have always done after every trail. It’s just become very repetitive.

I still want to see this through to the end even though I know who’s behind this, thanks to accidentally looking up characters names last year. I’ve you’ve read some of my reviews, then you know I’ve mentioned the person name in some of them. I didn’t think I’d be reviewing this show so soon that I just mentioned the name in my reviews. Oh well XD

Could someone tell me why Naegi is in the ending with the dead?