Fairy Tail Anime will be airing it’s final season in 2018

Those of you who are Fairy Tail fans must be loving this news. Hiro Mashima has officially confirmed that the Fairy Tail anime will be coming back in 2018. He was even nice enough to tweet it out in Japanese and English.

Fairy Tail 1.PNG

Fairy Tail Zero which debuted in 2016, was the last we heard of the Fairy Tail Anime. The anime was a prequel to the current Fairy Tail anime which followed the mages, Fairy Tail’s founders. You know, all this Fairy Tail news I’ve typed about makes me want to watch the anime again. I’ll give it a chance, who knows maybe I might like it again.


  1. It’s finally over, How I wish Hiro Mashima will make another great story as good as FairyTail. Just finished reading their last chapter in manga as well. 😦

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