Charlotte Episode 8

It feels good to be back on this blog! 🙂 I liked this episode, what Yu did was sweet. (Spoilers)

The first half of this episode bored me. It was nice to Yu go back to school and socialize but it was pretty dull. To me, it felt like nothing had changed. I’m guessing the studio wanted it to be and feel that way but it just bothered me.

So in this episode, Yu meets Sala, the lead singer of the band ZHIEND. After Yu talks to Sala, he asks her for a favour. To come with him to see Tomori’s brother, Kazuki who is a big fan of ZHIEND. I have to say, I loved the hospital scene, it’s my favourite scene in this episode. While Tomori’s brother is ripping out the feathers from pillows, Sala is singing to him. It’s the same song that Yu listened to in episode 5.

Charlotte 35.PNG

Sala singing without any background music playing was beautiful to hear. As she sings, the feathers float down delicately, it kind of looked like the feathers were swaying while Sala was singing. The lighting in this scene was gorgeous, it was a great choice for the scene to take place at night, it gives the scene a gentle feeling.

It took me a while to realise that during this scene, Kazuki had stopped screaming and ripping the pillows. He sat and turned to listen to her which was great to see, it shows how much Sala singing means to him deep down. Sala sounded like an angel singing as the feathers floated down all around her and as she stopped there is a short echo which sounded great.

Charlotte 36

Yu takes this chance to talk to Kazuki, he asks him if he remembers Tomori. Surprisingly, Kazuki slowly utters Nao’s name, that’s all he says but that’s enough for Yu because you can hear the relief in his voice and you could see it in his face as he had tears in his eyes. 

The second half of this episode was better than the first. The second half just had some interesting moments.Yu has changed so much as a character, it’s great to see him thinking of others. The camera work was beautiful in this episode. Especially in that hospital scene.

Next episode will have Tomori and Yu going to the ZHIEND gig. I’m looking forward to it.