Danganronpa the Animation Episode 7

This episode’s classroom trial was pretty good, but it was the culprit and the execution that really surprised me. (Spoilers) 

There was a lot of interesting moments in this episode. Such as the matter with the hammers, the numbers on them had nothing to do with who was killed first. Yamada being an accomplice was surprising to hear it made me wonder how he was bribed into helping the culprit. I loved the moment when Naegi is trying to remember what he and the rest of the group was missing, the last episode was shown but it was rewound as if Naegi’s memory was a TV which was cool to see. It was if we were seeing Naegi’s brain trying to quickly remember what’s missing in this classroom trial.


After some great detectives skills from Naegi, it’s revealed that Celestia is the culprit. Well it wasn’t completely confirmed to the characters but I realized it after Naegi pointed out Celestia’s mistake. I have to say, Celestia’s voice actress, Hekiru Shiina gave an incredible performance as Celestia. This was especially evident when Celestia started to break under Naegi’s constant pressuring. The music sped up in this moment just as it did during Leon’s trial. Celestia gives up the jig and reveals that she did kill Yamada and Ishimaru.


I have to say, Celestia’s reason for killing Yamada and Ishimaru was dumb. So was her dream to live in western castle surrounded by butlers forever serving her. Even though I think Celestia’s reasoning was dumb, she still had a dream, she wanted to get out of the school and achieve that dream. To go so far as to kill people to get out is really sad and shows how desperate these kids are.

Celestia’s execution was fascinating to watch. To be burnt at the stake with a smile on her face while she slowly burns. I loved the music in this scene, it was lovely to listen to. I was feeling relaxed while watching the execution until the random fire truck suddenly killed Celestia. It was pretty abrupt.


I liked this episode, Celestia suddenly going mad under the pressure was funny to see. This episode even showed that someone as calm and composed as her can snap under pressure. Honestly, I’m going to miss Celestia. She had a crazy side that I wish we saw more of.